Ruthless Aggression – Season Two premieres Sunday, Nov. 21


Relentless Aggression - Season 2 premieres on Sunday, November 21st.

The critically acclaimed documentary series Ruthless Aggression returns with an all-new season that premieres Sunday November 21st and airs exclusively on Peacock in the US and WWE worldwide.

The relentless aggression is back!

As first reported by The Wrap, the second part of this documentary series, narrated by SmackDown’s Pat McAfee, returns with another five-episode season starting on Sunday, November 21.

Witness Rockthe crossover of an acting career, the growing fan resentment caused by this, and the unforgettable Hollywood character that was born as a result. Relive the first female wrestling revolution like a superstar Trish Stratus and Lita break down doors and set a new standard in the industry. Experience the birth of several innovative match concepts such as Liquidation Chamber and Money in the Bank. Become a witness to the resurrection Sean Michaelsas a heartbroken child writes the second chapter of his already legendary career. And learn about the early days of the WWE system – from wrestling in the Ohio Valley to new ventures such as Cool enough!

Hear new stories and previously unknown details from legends that have survived that era, including John Cena, Batista, Sean Michaels, Triple H, Hulk Hogan, Rob Van Dam, Edge, Goldberg, Trish Stratus, Torrey Wilson, Kane, Mick Foley, Lita, Randy Orton, Curt Engle and much more!

Continuing where its predecessor left off, Ruthless Aggression – Season Two. It will premiere on Sunday, November 21, exclusively at Peacock in the US and WWE Worldwide. The entire season will be available on Monday 22 November.


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