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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: What we want to see from Samsung’s next smartwatch




Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 right profile

credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

that much Galaxy Watch 3 It is arguably the best smartwatch for Android users and truly one of the few wearables you can do with your smartphone. Apple Watch. However, this doesn’t mean it’s perfect. There is room for hardware improvements, and software can withstand significant tweaks. The company has been playing safely for a while, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a great opportunity to leap forward.

But what can the Galaxy Watch 4 bring? To be honest, here are a few ideas of what we’d like to see, including fixes and significant advancements to the somewhat broken ones.

More processing power and storage

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review on the table

credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Samsung hasn’t significantly improved the interior of the smartwatch since then. Original galaxy watch The Galaxy Watch 3 still revolves around a dual-core Exynos 9110 chip, and the 4GB of internal storage isn’t exactly that wide. It is clear that the Galaxy Watch 4 can withstand the new interior, whether it improves responsiveness or provides free space for new features.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear what Samsung will do next. There are no follow-ups for the Exynos 9110 as we write this. The simplest option may be the Exynos 9110, which is built on a new manufacturing process (e.g. 7nm instead of 10nm), but it may not increase the speed significantly. Unless Samsung introduces a truly new design, chances are the Galaxy Watch 4’s CPU upgrade will be repeated.

But there are still ways companies can improve their performance. More RAM can help your Galaxy Watch 4 handle more tasks at once, not to mention activating tasks that may require more memory. And storage upgrades are simple and frankly overdue. Apple has had a smartwatch with 32GB of storage for a while, so there’s no reason Samsung will stick with 8GB.

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More (and better) sensors

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review heart rate sensor 2

credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

The best smartwatch is a valuable health and fitness tool. Samsung already knows this and has features like ECG reading and blood oxygen monitoring, but the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 definitely has room for growth, so we can improve the sensors already installed for this problem.

The most likely addition is Blood sugar monitor. Rumors of such a monitor have already circulated on both the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Apple Watch Series 7. Moreover, it makes sense. It is said that about 10.5% of the U.S. population suffers from diabetes. CDC. If diabetics can keep track of their blood sugar levels without drawing blood or wearing more than the Galaxy Watch 4, their quality of life can be significantly improved.

However, we most want Samsung to fix the existing sensor. that much GPS and Heart rate sensor It is sometimes inaccurate on the Galaxy Watch 3. While failure is usually not extreme, it’s enough to distort fitness and health data. More accurate measurements can help the Galaxy Watch 4 compete with traditional smartwatches and (in some cases). Dedicated fitness watch.

Before anyone asks: No, I don’t expect Samsung to bring MST back. The company is avoiding magnetic card stripe emulators. Galaxy S21, And I don’t think my mind will change until the release of the Galaxy Watch 4.

Better software ecosystem

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 All Apps Review

credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Samsung’s Tizen version is considered one of the best wearable software platforms other than Apple Watch, and for good reason. The circular interface is generally easy to understand, responsive, and easy to use even if you have a rotating bezel. It’s no surprise at all if the Galaxy Watch 4 includes some improvements over what you’re experiencing today.

However, Tizen did not evolve much and cracks began to appear. The app selection is still insignificant, most notable. You can find useful apps like Spotify and Strava, but it’s incredible to find niche apps like Apple and Google can do. Wear OS At least it has an Android base to make it easier to switch apps. No matter how advanced your Galaxy Watch 4’s hardware is, it can struggle if you don’t find the utility you’re looking for. Samsung may do more to court developers, or at least pay to provide certain apps.

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But will Samsung simply switch to Wear OS? Not necessarily. There are company rumors Wear OS watch release, It may not be the Galaxy Watch 4. And we’d love to see Samsung rock things up with the new software, but you may need to heavily customize Google’s platform to preserve the rotating bezel and other features you know from the Galaxy. Surveillance line. We are ultimately interested in improving Samsung’s experience and broadening the app choice. It doesn’t particularly matter how the company got there.

This includes better support for non-Samsung phones. You can definitely use your existing Samsung smartwatch on non-Galaxy phones and even iPhones, but pairing them with these handsets is cumbersome. No, I don’t expect the Galaxy Watch 4 to work with the iPhone as well as the Apple Watch (which is prevented by Apple’s own policy). We recommend using a wrist strap with a Pixel or Mi phone without feeling it. I took a step back.

More designs to choose from

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze Table 1

Ask Apple Watch owners about their favorite design features and they can point out the amount of case and strap choices. A variety of case colors and materials are available, along with many official straps. If you’re adventurous enough, there’s a real chance you’ll never meet other people with similar looks. You don’t get that diversity with Samsung. There are only effective Galaxy Watch 3 colors, 2 material choices, and a handful of official bands.

The Galaxy Watch 4 needs a wider choice. Samsung doesn’t have to fit Apple, but if you have enough choices to get a watch that’s as outgoing as you are or unpretentious, you’ll be grateful. We offer a variety of colors depending on the material and case size, and how about offering our own bands with more than a few styles? The watch is ideally suited not only with a mobile phone, but also with a wardrobe.

I nodded in this direction to make a watch. Samsung Design Studio Current clock function. However, we hope this will become a reality on the Galaxy Watch 4, with the opportunity to create a very personalized watch. There are ingredients. Samsung just needs to follow.

What do you want from the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4?

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Of course, we can’t cover all the features you want here. What do you want to see on the Galaxy Watch 4? Let me know in the comments!


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