Satomura and McKenzie to battle Ray and Dawn in highly anticipated tag bout


UK prelude

In the blink of an eye last week NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray extolled her greatness, Emilia Mackenzie returned to NXT UK, stunning, Isla Dawn suddenly attacked Mackenzie at the entrance to set the stage for Ray to join her in a two-on-one beating, and Meiko Satomura rushed to the ring to ignite a frantic two-on-two fight.

Satomura and Mackenzie cleared the ring of their opponents, but a moment later it was announced that they would team up in a tag fight against the Dread Queen of Scots and the White Witch at the NXT UK Prelude.

The match will mark the second time that Satomura and Rei will be on opposite sides of the ring as The Best in the World is just shy in their quest to topple the champion in an instant classic title fight just weeks after their NXT UK debut. …

Dawn has shown a new vicious attitude in recent weeks, and after launching an unprovoked stealth attack on Mackenzie last week, what happens when the two rivals resume fighting?

Find out at the NXT UK Prelude, which airs Thursday at 3:00 PM ET / 8:00 PM ET. Peacock in the United States and WWE networks are everywhere!


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