Satomura set to challenge Ray on incredible edition of NXT UK


In the must-see edition of NXT UK, Meiko Satomura is set to challenge NXT UK Women’s Champion Kei Lee Rae in arguably the most anticipated title rematch in brand history.

The world’s best were just steps away from toppling Eternal Champion in their first championship fight in March, but Ray insisted on knocking down Satomura with his second blood bomb of the match to save her.

Champion and challenger shared an emotional hug after the epic encounter, but that athletic prowess was nowhere to be seen when Satomura pinned Isla Down and Ginny in a Gauntlet Match to earn another championship match. Instead, Rei appeared on stage and bowed to Satomura, but when the Last Boss responded with a sign of respect, she was greeted with a quick blow to the head.

With unprecedented hostility, who will win the battle between the two most dangerous rivals NXT UK?


In addition, more than two years later, the NXT UK WALTER champion will perform in front of the UK’s NXT Universe. Over the past few months, General Ringa has retained his title against the likes of Rampage Brown, A-Kid and Ilja Dragunov. Will there be a new rival?

In addition, Saxton Huxley is determined to confront Jordan Devlin, and Dan Moloney and Andy Wilde will join forces against Symbiosis.

Don’t miss the incredible NXT UK episode airing Thursday at 3 ET / 8 BST on Peacock in the US and WWE elsewhere!


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