Skin Cancer Awareness: The Critical Role of Custom Sun Shades in Backyards 

Everyone loves the outdoors – especially homeowners who have access to backyards or patios. Spending time outdoors on outdoor patios, sofas, etc., is great for our mental health. The right amount of exposure to sunlight can do wonders for our physical and mental health. However, overexposure can easily lead to harmful UV rays penetrating your skin.

As per the Skin Cancer Foundation’s latest study, clouds in the sky filter only 25% of the skin cancer-causing UV rays. When you spend long periods outdoors, your skin absorbs large amounts of UVA and UVB sun rays. That’s why investing in shade structures in backyards, patios, playgrounds, and other similar spaces is critical.

If you have an outdoor space, it could benefit immensely from a custom sunshade. Here’s how.

Addressing the Risk of Harmful UV Rays

Skin cancer risks are ever-present. Spending hours under the sun will increase your chances of getting this deadly disease. Even if you spend 20-30 minutes under direct sun rays, your skin’s health is at risk. The best sun shades are made of premium-quality fabric.

This fabric is anti-UV. It bounces back all the UV rays that strike it throughout the day. Even on cold, cloudy days, the risk of UV rays is ever-present. Adding a sunshade to your patio will give constant protection to all members of your household.

Protection from Other External Elements

The UV-resistant synthetic fabric in modern-day sun shades is also highly resistant to wind. These durable shades create solid barriers, protecting users from wind, dust, rain, snow, and other external threats in outdoor environments.

Plus, the most popular sun shades in the market are also water-resistant. Any water that falls on these shades runs off. Homeowners can store their furniture items underneath these shades and not worry about rainfall or storms.

These shades are particularly helpful for homeowners who leave their properties vacant for long periods. Store all outdoor furniture items underneath water-resistant and UV-resistant shades. The furniture items will receive total protection from all external elements.

Climate Control

High-quality fabric shades are breathable. They allow air to pass through. Hence, people sitting underneath these shades feel cool and comfortable. Unlike wooden or metal structures, fabric shades don’t make things hot for users.

In winters, they do the opposite. The shades protect homeowners from cold winds, snowfall, drizzles, etc. Homeowners are also likelier to spend more time outdoors throughout the year once they install these protective shades.

Create Private Spaces for Guests or Equipment Storage

High-quality fabric shades protect whatever items that are underneath them. That’s why many car dealerships install these shades to protect their cars from sunlight or dust damage. This protective nature of these shades makes them very cost-effective.

Homeowners can use them to protect essentially any furniture item or expensive equipment (e.g., outdoor BBQ grill). They can also use their shade structures to create private, pollution-free spaces for guests or customers.

For example, many business owners install these shades in their parking lots to attract and serve customers. Outdoor enjoyment shouldn’t come at the cost of your skin’s health. If you want to enjoy our outdoor areas to the fullest, install high-quality sun shades.

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