Smart strategies to increase views on YouTube channel

One should always optimize their YouTube Channel even before uploading the first video. If the channel is already running, it is not late either. The expected process of having a YouTube channel is to create and upload videos and then wait for views, comments, likes, and subscribe. This audience engagement is the ultimate goal of all the channel owners.

The danger with this approach is time-consuming. It can be painfully slow for the channel to stand out. With more than 500 hours of video getting uploaded on YouTube, there is every possibility of one’s video, no matter how good the content is, getting lost in the digital crowd.

One’s video content must be shared on other social media sites, which can help to get more audience and traffic. But sharing can only be possible if there are substantial views and likes in the first place.

There are two ways to get traffic on your channel – Organic and Inorganic.

Getting organic views is always preferable because it is a natural way of attracting an audience to one’s brand through video content. This is also preferred by the Search engines and helps in higher ranking. Therefore, the content and the SEO are essential for content creators’ traffic. For example, quality content backed with a well-written or catchy channel description helps viewers preview what the business is all about and want to expect from the content.

YouTube Marketing

SEO is a powerful tool that helps a channel get the maximum from the audience.   For example, YouTube marketing is serious business. There is no point in uploading video content just for a few views and likes. It does not serve any purpose for a brand whose main objective is to get maximum views, likes, subscriptions, and links to the brand website where visitors become customers.

If the video channel does not have sufficient views, its objective of conversions and higher SERP rankings does not materialize. While there are many other ways apart from the description, such as having playlists, CTA buttons in the video, and keywords, they are time-consuming.

There are a few ways to increase the views on a YouTube channel.

  •         Uploading videos regularly. Active channels invoke algorithms more efficiently. Regular viewers and subscribers look forward to more videos from the channel if they have a track record of providing quality content. This ensures viewers do not drift to other channels, especially when the choice is massive.
  •         Having short and crisp videos can keep the viewers engaged till the end and get higher rankings and views. The higher the duration a video is viewed, the metrics for monetization also improve.

These strategies are very effective in the long run though they may be slow on the offtake. To overcome this teething problem, another route is the inorganic way where a channel owner can buy youtube views from legitimate service providers. These companies provide real views, not bots, as they are viewed negatively by YouTube. A channel owner can be penalized for using bots.

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