Naomi to get another opportunity at Shayna Baszler


Official WWE Sonya Deville had it for Naomi ever since she came to SmackDown using Shaina Basler like her personal muscle to punish Naomi over the past few weeks. Today Naomi has another chance to prove herself when she goes face-to-face with the Queen of Spades again.

Naomi had hoped to level the score last week with Basler, but Deville had other plans – she joined the match as a special guest referee. After a quick tally that gave Basler the win, Naomi turned to Deville, but left herself open to Kirifuda Clutch’s surprise.

Will The Glow stand up to Baszler, or will Deville find another way to get into Naomi’s business? Connect to SmackDown tonight at 8/7 C on Fox to find out!


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