Sterling and Hale to tangle with Nese and Daivari, Waller to debut against Sunil on 205 Live


In what is sure to be the thrilling 205 Live, Ari Sterling and Asher Hale head off in a doubles match against Tony Nese and Aria Daivari, while Sunil Singh takes on the debuting Grayson Waller.

Sterling, who took a narrow win over Hale a few weeks ago, will now team up with his rookie fellow to catch up with the minds and fists against a pair of common enemies Tony Nese and Aria Daivari.

The Premier Athlete and Daivari Dinero make no secret of their contempt for newcomers and will strive to send a strong message to promising newcomers.

205 live

Speaking of 205 Live rookies, Waller is poised to make his WWE debut against veteran Singh.

Waller is aiming for a clear win in his first fight, though he will surely face a tough test in his first match against the former 24/7 champion.

Don’t miss the 205 Live Special, which airs Friday at 10.9 C on Peacock in the US and WWE elsewhere!


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