“Stone Cold” to join McIntyre on Drew & A on May 12 on Peacock


Following Drew McIntyrepopular appearance on “Stone Cold” by Steve AustinWith Broken Skull last December, The Scottish Warrior and The Texas Rattlesnake are set to cut him open again – but this time the roles are reversed.

Days before meeting WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and Brown Strowman at Triple threat match on WrestleMania Backlash, McIntyre will go into interviewer mode as he welcomes “Stone Cold” as his guest in a new episode of Drew & A, which airs Wednesday, May 12th, exclusively Peacock in the US and in the free version WWE network elsewhere.


As WWE fans found out during McIntyre’s appearance on Broken Skulls, there is a lot of mutual admiration between The Scottish Warrior and the WWE Hall of Fame. During the interview, Austin turned to photographs from McIntyre’s personal collection, one of which showed a young Scotsman rolling around on “Stone Cold” sheets in his children’s bedroom. The Texas rattlesnake seemed touched to have had such an impact on McIntyre, now a two-time WWE champion, on his quest for his third piece.

“I appreciate the fact that I was able to make a sufficient impression on the cat from Ayr, Scotland, [that he would] go buy me sheets, so back it up, ”Austin told McIntyre.

Don’t miss the moment when McIntyre flips the script and interviews “Stone Cold” for the all-new Drew & A, which will premiere on May 12th.


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