Subculture to take on Conners and Jinny, Wolfgang to throw down with Gradwell on NXT UK


In a thrilling NXT UK episode, Subculture’s Flash Morgan Webster and Dany Luna will pair up for a long-awaited showdown with Joseph Conners and Ginny, while Wolfgang and Sam Gradwell prepare for the holiday.

Ever since Webster, Luna, and Mark Andrews have joined forces to form Subculture, they’ve gone out of their way to make an impact on NXT UK and they’ll have an opportunity against a couple of established veterans.

Conners and Ginny have had their ups and downs since forming their own alliance, but the self-proclaimed “sophisticated” superstars have made no secret of the fact that they look down on the subculture to fuel their development. unstable match.

In addition, Gradwell recently had disagreements with everyone from Ilya Dragunov to Trent Seven, and he was in a bad mood and seemed ready to fight almost anyone.

Case in point: this week he will face Wolfgang in a melee that is more likely to feel like a fight without the law than a fight.

After losing the NXT UK Tag Team titles alongside Mark Coffey, Wolfgang recently joined the rest of Gallus as they returned to their hometown in hopes of “getting back to basics.” Will the strategy pay dividends when the Last King of Scotland trades hayfields with Gradwell this week?


In addition, former NXT Heavyweight Champion Jordan Devlin will join Noam Dar in the latest Supernova Sessions, Danny Jones will face Kenny Williams, and Nathan Fraser is set to hang out with Rohan Raj.

Check out NXT UK’s must-watch episode, which airs Thursday at 3 ET / 8 BST on Peacock in the US and WWE network in other countries!


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