Super Bowl LVI goes with a hip hop legends line-up

The scene is set for Super Bowl LVI, which will be played between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. The 100,000 plus capacity SoFi Stadium provides the backdrop, and the huge numbers in attendance will be boosted by the millions more watching the action live on television around the world. This may be the biggest match on the American Football calendar. Still, it will be a global affair, uniting football fans from the US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and further afield. The pressure is now on the players involved to do their bit to ensure this match lives up to the hype, but before then, there’s just enough time for fans to make their predictions and place bets on the team they expect will win the Super Bowl.

The match is eagerly anticipated, with football fans looking forward to the kick-off since the Rams and Bengals booked their spot. Just as exciting is the line-up for the halftime show. In recent years, the halftime show has become almost as popular as the football, with fans hoping to catch a glimpse of some of the music industry’s biggest names and best-loved stars. Only the cream of the crop are booked for the Super Bowl halftime show, and that’s true of this weekend’s spectacle. With the match played in Inglewood, it will come as no great surprise to learn this year’s bill has a strong hip hop connection, one that has music lovers and sports fans excited.

The national anthem will be sung by Cupcake, the famous rapper, songwriter, and music producer out of Chicago. She will be supported by Mickey Guyton, the American country music singer from Texas. Both will be tasked with warming up the crowd and setting the atmosphere ahead of the kick-off, and by the time the Rams and Bengals players enter the field of play, the crowd will be in high spirits, ready to make some noise. It often goes unnoticed, but the work done by the pre-match entertainment and the singer of the national anthem can set the mood for the day.

The stars are out to shine

The halftime interval is a chance for both sets of players to rest and recover from the opening two quarters. They will return to the locker room, where the coaches and more experienced players will speak to settle nerves and inspire a big second-half performance. This all takes place behind closed doors and far from the view of fans. So what do the 100,000 supporters in the stadium and the millions watching around the world do during the break? They enjoy a star-studded halftime show, of course. And this year’s programme promises to be something extra special.

The line-up for the halftime show reads like a who’s who of hip hop. The industry’s top names are out to shine, including Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J Blige, Kendrick Lamar, Sean Forbes, and Warren Snipe. This may seem like the stuff of dreams for any music lover or an event you would have to pay for to watch, but the halftime show will be broadcast around the world at no extra charge on top of your subscription to watch the Super Bowl. Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Eminem will be out to create a special atmosphere, showing the watching world that they remain as committed to making great music today as they have ever been.

As any follower of American Football who has ever witnessed a Super Bowl match already knows, the halftime show is tradition, but some have been better than others over the years. The Inglewood setting meant the top names from the region were always going to be in attendance, but even by the NFL’s lofty standards and reputation for putting on a show, they have excelled themselves this time.

So much so that the game will do well to overshadow what promises to be a once in a generation show. These stars are expected to be at their very best, and due to the magnitude of the occasion and the volume of viewers, Dr Dre and co will want to put on a memorable performance. There are sure to be more than a few football fans in the crowd who will be disappointed to see the players re-emerge for the second half.

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