The 2021 WWE Draft kicks off tonight on SmackDown


What superstars are about to move from Raw to SmackDown? Who will go from Friday night to Monday night? There is no safe place for the title holder! No tag team can stay together! The only thing that can be said for sure is that nothing will remain the same!

WWE officials Adam Pierce and Sonia Deville will preside over the draft, announcing all draft picks for Friday Night SmackDown and Monday Night Raw. FOX and the US worked with WWE management on their draft picks.

1) Over 60 Male Superstars, Female Superstars, and Tag Teams have been included in the WWE 2021 Draft.

2) Draft starts Friday night on SmackDown and ends Monday night on RAW.

3) More than half of the composition can be selected every night.

4) The Tag Team will count as one pick unless FOX or the USA Network (in conjunction with WWE Officials) choose to pick one Superstar from the team.

5) Any unprocessed superstars will be declared free agents immediately and will be able to sign with their chosen brand.

6) These lineups only take effect the night after WWE Crown Jewel ends.

We’ll see how the landscape of red and blue brands will change forever when the WWE Draft kicks off tonight at 8/7 C at SmackDown on FOX and continues this Monday on Raw at 8/7 C in the US.


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