The Best Burger in Brisbane: What You Should Look For

Burgers are a delicious and essential part of the Aussie diet. There is no shortage of burgers in this country. But many times, burger restaurants do not really stand out; they are just another average burger joint that you can find anywhere.

The good thing is that a great burger is not hard to find, but it does take some specific narrowing down. Here’s an article to help you know what makes a good burger restaurant and what to look for in a great burger. Please read on. 

What Exactly Makes a Good Burger Restaurant?

Looking for a brand-new burger place to dine? Here are our favourite features of a good burger restaurant in Brisbane. 

Specialises in burgers.

You don’t go to a place that specialises in steak and salads for the best burger because their focus is not on creating an amazing burger. You will find it at places where they put all their efforts into making great burgers. 

Offers an assortment of menu items that complement each other

The perfect burger restaurant has a clear and concise selection of menu items that are related to the main offering. For example, they should have fries with similar ingredients as their burgers, onion rings or other crunchy snacks on hand for when you need something salty. A wide array of food options, such as seafood dishes and tacos, doesn’t really make sense, though. These aren’t what people usually order at this type of establishment.

A one-of-a-kind business concept

When you dine in a burger restaurant, the first thing that should catch your eye is how creative its menu and pricing are. If they are offering something different like vegan buns or an array of toppings customisation options, then this place would be worth checking out.

Creates the right atmosphere

We all know that a great burger joint should be not too formal but more casual. Many prefer restaurants where it is possible to dress down or up as needed without worrying about how dressed up one is for their visit. A place like this would provide peace-of-mind knowing it is somewhere accessible in case of unexpected plans like meeting friends after work.

Modifies offerings based on customer feedback

It is important to take customer feedback into consideration when running a business. Some burger joints keep the same menu and practices for their entirety, while others listen as customers come in with different desires. Whether they want more vegetarian options or bigger soft drink sizes, these changes can be made so that people will continue coming back.

What Are the Qualities of a Great Burger?

Now that you have an idea about what to look for in a burger restaurant, let us now learn about the qualities of great Brisbane CBD burgers. When ordering a burger, it is important to be sure you are getting the best. To ensure your next lunch or dinner is as great for you and everyone else in your group, here’s what to look for.

Burger flavour

The best burgers are made from premium beef. It is a shame that many of today’s fast-food chains use low-quality meat in their cooking process.

You need a burger that will make your mouth water and taste buds happy. Make sure you don’t settle for anything less than amazing when it comes to flavour, whether you are ordering chicken patty burgers or veggie ones.

Burger thickness

When it comes to the perfect burger, you want a consistency that is both juicy and flavorful. A too-thick patty will be unpleasantly chewy.

The ratio of toppings to ground beef should be considered when deciding what type or style of burger you want. If too much sauce meets your taste buds, then go with a heartier patty so that it can hold up better under all those lush ingredients.


The perfect burger isn’t complete without condiments. Of course, the classic must-haves are mayonnaise and ketchup. The tangy, creamy condiment mayo and savoury ketchup are also perfect companions for juicy burgers. However, ketchup and mustard are close behind. For an elevated experience, consider getting your burger with aioli.

Fresh toppings

When it comes to toppings, always choose quality over quantity. The best possible additions should complement the flavour profile of your burger and enhance its natural flavours instead of overwhelming them. 

A toasted bun 

What could be better than a juicy, rich burger? A toasted bun is essential for an unforgettable experience. You can choose from many different types of breads, but trending now is brioche. It has a great flavour while still being light enough, so you don’t feel too heavy after eating one. 

If you want the healthiest burger possible, go with a whole wheat or gluten-free bun.

What Is the Most Popular Burger in Brisbane?

Who says you have to choose just one? Have you heard about Hashtag Burgers & Waffles? They offer one of the best burgers in Brisbane, with many mouth-watering options for all tastes.

Pickle Me Elmo

You’ll find zingy flavours of pickles in the centrepiece of this gourmet burger. Beef lovers will be delighted to take a bite that is brimming with cheese and smoky bacon.

Simple Sally

Sink your teeth into the next level of burger perfection, and experience what heaven tastes like. The ultra-moist beef patties smothered in cheese with smoky bacon are just topped off by crisp lettuce fresh from farm fields.

Lucky Chicken

If you are looking for a mouth-watering, gutsy burger that will leave your taste buds singing, then this is it. Tender pulled chicken breast reigns supreme in the making of this gourmet burger variation — sweet baby rays and all. Topped off with an attention-grabbing slaw that’s sure to please any palate (or spice enthusiast), these giant buns are ready at just about anytime the need for pleasure comes calling.

I’m a Vego

This is one tasty burger. It has a secret ingredient that makes it even better than expected. The usual suspects are onions, tomatoes and lettuce, but there is something else in this towering vegetarian delight: crumbed beetroot for an extra boost of flavour without any guilt or consequence on your waistline.


Down under, the number of burger joints is on a rapid increase in popularity. These burger places have next-level flavours that will take you on an out of this world journey. With a wide range of burgers to choose from, you are sure not to be disappointed. But you might find it difficult to choose the best one.

With this guide, we hope that you find the best-tasting burger that will satisfy your cravings. Happy munching 


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