The case of snake coming out of Haleem Adil’s room, important statement of DSP was recorded

Web Desk 22 February 2021

Karachi: DSP Shahnawaz told the investigation committee the fact that a snake had come out of Haleem Adil Sheikh’s room. Three officials, including the DSP, testified in the case.

According to details, two officers of the investigation committee, SSP Faisal Abdullah Chachar and SSP Sarfraz, joined the committee on the issue of snake coming out of the jail room of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Haleem Adil Sheikh.

Sources said that the inquiry committee questioned more than 25 employees of the SIU in stages and also questioned the SSP SIU.

Sources said that three officials including DSP Shahnawaz testified in the case. DSP Shahnawaz said that when the vessel broke and noise was heard, he ran inside. When he reached inside, he saw Haleem Adil running outside.

The DSP said that Haleem Sheikh was saying that he had killed a snake. When he went inside, he saw a bloody stick and a dead snake.

DSP Shahnawaz Special Investigation Unit told the inquiry committee that there was only one bed, a table, chair and cupboard in the room of opposition leader Haleem Adil. Haleem Adil was leaving the room and going to the bathroom when the incident took place.

Sources said that eight to 10 people had met Haleem Adil Sheikh, Dua Bhutto was also among those who met.

The two-member inquiry committee has also summoned all the people who called for a statement. The people who came also brought food.

The officers of the investigation committee SSP Faisal Abdullah Chachar and SSP Sarfraz will submit the report to the DIG CIA in the third meeting today.

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It should be noted that on the morning of February 19, when Haleem Adil Sheikh was brought before the court, he claimed that a snake had been found in his room. He had also informed the judge about the matter, on which the honorable judge informed the police officer. Ordered to investigate.

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