The importance of your online presence during a job search in Kuwait

Social media sites are doing more these days than just connecting users via the Internet. Based on the Jobvite 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey just 4 percent of recruiters make use of social media in their recruiting efforts. A prominent presence on social media can help you stand out others when it comes to job search.

Employers might look through your social networks for a variety of reasons. If they look at on your profiles, they could serve as a reminder of the roles that you’ve held, as well as the level of experience you are, so long as you maintain an engaging presence on social media.

Create your online presence Set up an account

The most basic and straightforward way to establish the online identity you want to have is set up accounts on social media sites you think would help you showcase your previous experiences and abilities. The most popular social media websites including Facebook or Twitter are certainly be beneficial however blogs as well as professional websites, like LinkedIn are the places employers are looking to show your skills.

On every social network website, your profile typically contains a description of your self. Make use of this area to showcase your skills for any position based on your educational background, goals for career and the current position you are employed in, as well as the skills you possess. For example, your bio on Twitter could read, “Psychology student at Penn State World Campus,” or “Interested in Criminal Justice field/opportunities.” Other sites, like Facebook and LinkedIn, have sections of users’ profiles specifically designated for past employment.

Online portfolios

Portfolios on the internet can be helpful to showcase to potential employers work you’ve done, and put together to be viewed in one location. Numerous websites make the process of creating an online portfolio easy free job posting in kuwait. You can create your portfolio free at such websites as:

Another way to showcase what you’ve done on the internet is to make blogs. Every Penn State World Campus students are able to apply for their own site on Other websites that are external to Penn State comprise WordPress, Tumblr along with Blogger. Create your website or blog with the title and content you wish to publish. Feel free to utilize examples from your class or other projects. Make sure to add an “About Me” section of your portfolio which describes your goals and interests. Include the “Contact Me” section with your email address, name as well as additional professional social media profiles. If someone ever would like to see a piece of your work then you’ll have the option to send them an online portfolio.

Effective use of social networks

The next step to managing the online profile of your business is to connect with various professionals and groups who are working in the field that you are interested in. The easiest method is by “like” your pages to Facebook as well as follow their pages through Twitter as well as LinkedIn. This will allow you to keep up-to-date with every company’s latest news.

Many companies use social media to communicate with their customers. If this happens, take benefit of this! You can tweet back your reply and post it on their Facebook page or share their posts on Facebook. If you do ever get an interview for the business, you’ll be able to discuss a lot with them.

Joining LinkedIn groups related to your particular field is an excellent opportunity to build a network on the internet. Professionals working in your field often share updates and job openings on the page.

Security for your online presence                                   

Whatever social networks you are a part of and the amount of experiences you’ve posted on your profile, you’ll be unable to gain numerous opportunities if the content you upload online isn’t suitable. Many times, employers look at the profiles on social media of prospective employees to assess their character. If you’re posting comments about how you don’t like your current job and a potential employer might think you’ll have the same attitude when you join the company. If you have an online presence that is solid it’s essential to keep your image positive in all times.

It is also recommended to conduct the search on Google for your name regularly to see what results come up. If you aren’t happy with the results, begin making the changes required to your social media profiles. You might want to set up alerts that alert you when something concerning you is published online. Be sure to check your photos or posts as well as the conversations with other people on all social media platforms to ensure that the correct messages are being communicated regarding your persona. If you are ever in doubt about anything you have posted, remove it or untag yourself.

Security settings

The most important thing to protect your online profile is knowing how to work with each site’s privacy settings. Spend time with each site to understand how you can best safeguard yourself from those outside of those in your circle. The web is constantly evolving as well as privacy settings. Make sure to check frequently that when you seek yourself out as a recruiter, you’re satisfied with the results you find.

Final Tips

Be aware that with any job search , you’ll want to broaden your search. According to Jobvite recruiters discover the best candidates via recommendations (78 percent) and social media (56 percent) and internship-to-hire programs (55 percent). Consider a variety of strategies in your job search.

Do not feel that you need to know all social media platforms that are available (unless you’re working in marketing, PR, or advertising, or any other field where it is required). Consider what you are trying to achieve first, then choose the best platform to meet your goals. It is important to create an online presence, if you don’t already have one.

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