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The OnePlus 9 Pro will be available in a trick mirror finish




One Plus 9 Pro Morning Mist Silver Finish

  • OnePlus details the unique morning mist color that comes with the 9 Pro.
  • The unique finish has a reflectivity that varies from top to bottom.
  • OnePlus is expected to boast more about the design on March 23rd.

Phone manufacturers are increasingly relying on them. Clever finish We sell the latest handsets with OnePlus. Company detailed One of the colors for OnePlus 9 Pro, Morning Mist, and it’s clear that this isn’t a fanciful name for “silver”.

oneplus 9 pro mirror finish

The new OnePlus 9 color revolves around a combination of film and reflective glass that creates a gradient refraction. The finish starts at a 60 degree spread (hence “mist”) at the top of the phone, but goes to a more mirror-like 20% towards the bottom. You can get a little reflection, but the company is aiming for a more spooky look. Simple mirror finish provide.

It’s not clear whether the OnePlus will talk about other colors, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more news ahead of the 9-series debut on March 23rd. Previously, Leak suggested that the phone would all come out of vivid baby blue. Subtly Shades of green and purpleBut it wasn’t clear how silver and black stood out.

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You will be more interested in the features of a Hasselblad camera or smartphone that you can’t miss. Snapdragon 888 chip. Also, it’s likely that users who put the OnePlus 9 Pro in their case will not be able to rate their color choices. But if you decide to show off your phone, you might be delighted.


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