The Perfect Age to Buy Your Child Their Own Computer

The perfect age to buy your child their own computer seems to be 10, or at least the 8 to 12 years old range. At least, that is when many parents do it. For example, it is in this same age range that many kids learn to code and get interested in programming skills. A computer gives more options than smartphones and tablets as kids check out top free coding websites.

Considerations for Various Ages

Read on to discover why you might get 5-year-olds their own computer or wait until they are 10 or even older.

5 to 7 Years Old

If you’re a techie parent or your child expresses interest in coding school for kids, consider this age range for your child’s first computer.

Kids in this range can manipulate a mouse whereas they could not at age 3. They also have the ability and independence to use a laptop themselves to a certain degree. They can enjoy somewhat complex games and activities, including those that promote coding education.

A hardy computer that can handle being dropped is a good choice at this age. Young kids do not need a fancy computer, but one with touchscreen capabilities would be nice.

8 to 12 Years Old

At age 10, the midpoint of this tween range, kids are close to needing a computer for schoolwork if they do not already use one. Most tweens already know how to use computers pretty well, although you give them a head start if you teach them proper typing posture and techniques.

The tween years are a good time for kids to learn coding fun too if they have not yet been exposed to it or did not find it interesting earlier.

If you have an older computer, you could let your child have it and upgrade to a newer computer for yourself. Tweens are unlikely to need high-end computers for a good computer experience. Kids can code even on a Chromebook since this computer can handle a few simultaneously running apps and games just fine.

13 to 18 Years Old

Thanks to smartphones, tablets, and shared family computers, plenty of kids get deep into their teen years without having their own computers. However, at some point, most teens need significant access to a computer to further their coding skills, create higher-end content, and type papers.

Since your teen’s personality is more developed compared with other age ranges, you have more of a chance to match your child to a computer serving their interests. For example, techie kids may enjoy putting a computer together. Kids who love graphic design would enjoy a large monitor.

If your child is just a year or two away from going to college, consider getting a laptop or highly portable PC that will still perform well in a few years’ time. That way, you do not have to purchase a new computer when your older teen leaves for school.

College Age

If your child is about to go college, get them a computer if at all possible. Having their own computer lets them maximize their time rather than have to wait for the next available machine in a crowded computer lab. If budgets are a problem, look into refurbished computers, lower-end laptops such as Chromebooks, or financial aid.

The perfect age to buy your child their own computer does not really exist since each situation is unique. That said, age 10 is a good age in many cases. Even younger can work well, especially for kids who show interest in a coding education or programming skills.

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