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The uses of beetroot seeds in Minecraft




Beetroot is just one of many crops in which it can be grown Minecraft.

However, in order to grow them, players will first have to get their hands on some proper seeds. Beetroot seeds can be a bit elusive in Minecraft, as it’s a little harder to get than some other seeds in the game. However, there are a handful of ways players can get this seed with relative ease.

Methods for procuring beet seeds in Minecraft include hunting for chests in certain structures, visiting villages in the Aboveground, or shopping from the Wandering Merchant.

Once players get their own beetroot seeds, they will be able to use them to run their own beetroot farm, tame parrots and more.

This article describes how to get beet seeds in Minecraft and explains the various ways players can use this item in the game.

How can beetroot seeds be used in Minecraft?

Beetroot seeds can be used to grow beets farming, taming parrots, raising chickens, and even composting.

However, in order to do any of these things, Minecraft players will first need to grab some seed beets. Beetroot can be grown on about 10% of the various agricultural plots that can be found in villages around the Above the World.

Minecraft players who find one of these beet farm farms can easily harvest crops to quickly get both seeds and beets. Every fully grown beet culture that a player breaks has the opportunity to give players between zero and three seeds.

The chances of receiving seeds with this method can be enhanced by the magic of Fortune.

Beetroot seeds can also be found inside chests in dungeons, mines, outlying towns, villages in snow biomes and forest castles.

A wandering merchant and two of his llamas in Minecraft.  (Image via Minecraft)
A wandering merchant and two of his llamas in Minecraft. (Image via Minecraft)

These unsafe seeds can also be purchased at A wandering merchant at the price of one emerald.

Players who establish a beet farm will gain access to a fully renewable beet source. Beetroot is a food product that can be eaten to restore the point of hunger.

Players who have at least six beets can combine them with a bowl at the making table to create a delicious series beetroot soup.

Beetroot is also one of the crops that players can use to raise pigs or make these mobs follow the players who keep them.

One tail can be turned to a single red color in the player making window or at the making table. This can come in handy if players are really struggling to find a poppy, red tulip or rose bush.

Beetroot is also one of the items that can be given to the villagers to make them willing to grow.

Beetroot and the seeds needed to grow it are not the most beautiful crop in the world. However, both items are relatively useful and have their own clear and defined purposes.

Posted March 18, 2021, 4:47 AM IST