There’s no escape for Kevin Owens as he squares off with Big E inside a steel cage


WWE Champion Big E tried hard to hurt the ghost Kevin Owens and last week he finally got his chance to get knocked out but couldn’t get retribution thanks to Seth Rollins‘intervention. Owens went out of his way to attack Rollins at the call table, which led to a fierce assault on both competitors from the Visionary as the knockout took off down the gangplank.

Well, now Owens has no chance of escaping or interfering as he will be locked up in a steel cage with the Powerhouse of Positivity this Monday.

Without escaping his grasp, what will WWE Champion hold for the wily Owens and will it affect their upcoming Triple Threat Championship match on Day 1 of WWE? Check out Monday night on Raw at 8/7 C in the USA!


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