Things to know about Cypress testing in detail

Well, it is important to know that the usage of automation tools has turned into huge. And, also helpful to offer the requirements based on the expectations as much as earlier. According to the sources, you must be aware of the fact that the selenium tool is highly utilizing. Yes, when it comes to handle web automation testing. However, on the other hand, it is also important to know that there are various open source automation tools grabbing the attention of people in general. Among those, cypress plays a crucial testing tool role for sure.

One should keep it in mind that the testing process with the support of this tool can be done smoother than expected. At the same time, one should know that cypress is different when you compared with selenium.

Why choose cypress testing?

For information, basically it is a front end testing framework which will be supportive and helpful in terms of doing the tests for web related applications. The best part is it comes up with great combination of testing options which are quite advances compared to other tools in the market. Yes, you will be going to get the testing options like integration as well as unit.

The thing you need keep in mind is cypress has its benefit that is written in JavaScript. So, people who all are already adapted to this language may feel simpler to access as well. Nowadays, we can witness that huge number of developers are accessing such tool and getting their results accordingly.

Advantages of using cypress testing

You need to know that there are several advantages will be experienced. Yes, when you start to focus on handling cypress testing in general. Here, let’s have a look at some of the essential reasons that why you need to use.

Setup is simple: The best part is when it comes to getting started, you feel something simpler for sure. Also, libraries and dependencies are already available over there and no need of configuration as well.

Global appeal: If you compared this tool with others, it is completely global or universal as it is written in language JavaScript. When it is mainly running through browsers, the tool begins to use Node.js. Like we mentioned earlier, since most of the developers are using JavaScript in order to develop the sites may be easier for sure.

Potential of debugging: The great thing that you need to know is that the debugging process for your web related applications can be done so easier. In case, if the test miserably fails unfortunately, then you don’t need to be worried about it. Yes, it will suggest you always with how to handle and fix it further.

Available of active community: Basically, it is said to be the open source framework where one can deal with free as well as premium version. However, when compared to free, you will get an opportunity to experience the advanced features in paid version.

How to get started?

If you are the one who is looking for the steps to get started, follow the below procedure without skipping any of the points.

  1. First of all, make sure to deal with the installing process of perfecto-cypress SDK through “npm I perfecto-cypress-sdk”.
  2. Once the above process is done, it is important for you to run the init command. It will help to generate perfecto-config.json file: “perfecto-cypress init –tests.path=./tests/”.
  3. When it comes to getting support for Perfecto reporting SDK, make sure to install the Cypress that mainly reported with package by dealt running with the respective command like “npm install perfecto-cypress-reporter” and then go ahead to import inside the respective support file cypress/support/index.js by following the command “import ‘perfecto-cypress-reporter’; // or require(‘perfecto-cypress-reporter’);”.
  4. If you adding to the init command, then keep in mind that the perfecto-cypress-sdk would supports with different commands like
  • Run
  • Pack
  • Upload
  1. However, if you are done uploading with test suite of cypress towards the perfecto cloud, then you should make following the certain command options. For information, it helps to pass the security token as parameter all the way. Well, instead moving like store inside the perfecto-config.json file.
  2. For information, Perfecto’s cypress SDK is mainly submissive with cypress that supports browsers. Also, it is important to know that the process like configuring the platform stuff is mainly completed within perfecto-config.json

These are the essential things that you must follow when it comes to handling the process of setup in general.


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