Tips for those who intend to study abroad

If you’ve been thinking about studying abroad for some time, this could be the perfect year to make your plans come true.Check out tips for organizing your trip in 2016.


What language do you want to improve and what kind of trip do you want to do? Each country offers a different kind of experience, be it art museums, snow, beautiful beaches or even a vibrant nightlife. You will only be able to decide which is the best study destination after evaluating what your objective is in the exchange.


If you still don’t feel confident when it comes to communicating in another language, remember that you will have plenty of time to train until the day of departure. Take this time to delve even more into the culture of the destination and, if possible, take a course, even a brief one, just for conversation.

Passport and visa

Except for some countries in South America, most destinations require the presentation of a passport as an official document, in addition to a visa to stay there. If you don’t already have it, look for the Federal Police as soon as you can to get yours, as the passport takes approximately six days to be ready after delivery of the documents.

In Australia, there are three types of visas that travelers can apply for: student visa Australia, for those who will stay in Australian for up to 14 weeks; visitor, for those who only travel to the country for up to 12 weeks and a work visa (Working Holiday Visa), which authorizes the traveler to stay in the country for a maximum of one year and work for six months in the same company.

For those who already have a passport, it is important to verify that it is valid for at least six months, from the date of departure, both to obtain a work and visitor visa. Therefore, if you notice that your document will expire during the exchange, arrange another one. The new passport is valid for 10 years for adults over 18 years of age.



Start preparing for your trip a few months in advance, as you are more likely to be able to find deals and lower prices. Contact a travel agency and check prices, payment methods and document submission deadlines. The most important thing is to have everything sorted out until the day of departure.


As the value of international air tickets is measured in US dollars and the real is unstable, organize yourself to buy tickets in advance. If possible, do the exchange during the low season. Thus, in addition to transport, the costs of the course, tours and food may be lower.


Research the types of courses available in the country you plan to attend. Although most travelers leave to take a language course, several countries offer undergraduate, graduate and extension classes in various areas of knowledge, including cultural immersion options in the country. For those who already know the language, these more complete packages may be the best option.

In Australia, there is the ATN (Australian Technology Network of Universities), a set of the five best Australian colleges. The ATN is also the institution that most encourages the study of foreigners in the country, guaranteeing theoretical preparation and practical classes in the area of activity. Technical education is also quite common in Australia, being an option for those who don’t have much time and want to learn faster.

Hear the voice of experience

Know someone who has already been where you intend to travel? Take the opportunity to clear all your doubts and get tips for tours. On the internet, there are several forums for ex-exchange students, which can be excellent allies when preparing your trip.


When you arrive at your destination, take every opportunity you have to have fun and learn another language. Prefer to hang out with natives or foreigners, so you will be able to further develop your learning of the new language. Watch television, read newspapers and taste the local cuisine. A new universe will be shown to you if you are open minded. Take advantage of the fact that the year is just beginning to fulfill the dream of living in another country for a while.

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