Ways to Store Your Wide Brim Hats – The Essential Factors to Consider

Whether it’s a floppy hat or a sun hat, you always feel comfortable when you look at wide-brimmed hats. It’s free spirited, has a laidback vibe to it and can add a boho-chic element to your entire look. You could even choose a wool-felt winter hat or a straw sun hat, they are much more than mere style accessories. Other than making you appear smart, it can keep you secured from the snow, wind, rain and the harsh sun rays.

When you look at a wide brim hat, you will find it highly different from the stiff-brim hat. Usually, the cowboy hats, the baseball caps and the ivy caps come with a rigid brim, the wide-brimmed hats have a malleable brim which can go up to three inches in order to get its classic droop.

And since most wide-brimmed hat can occupy more space, it might get challenging to store these hats. However, unlike the beanie or baseball hat you can keep atop a table or a chair, the wide-brim hats need careful handling, or they will not last long. If you want your wide brim hat to stay in its best shape and not ruin it, you need to follow certain techniques to store it. In this article, we will deal with some of the ways to store and maintain this hat.

The things you should not do

When it comes to storing your wide brim hat correctly, you need to adhere to certain rules. The important ones are as follows:

  • Never keep these hats outdoors

One of the primary reasons for not keeping your wide-brim hats outside is the exposure to direct sunlight, which can make the hats crack or fade. Sometimes, it can totally damage the hat. So, make sure you follow this tip with utmost care. Sunlight is good for your hat, but an excess amount can cause harm to its shape and texture.

  • Never rest the hat on the brim

At times, it might appear counterintuitive to keep the hat in an upside-down position on the crown. However, this will make sure that the brim doesn’t lose shape. When it comes to the wide-brim hat, you would want the brim lose instead of being flat.

  • Never be sloppy

Keeping the hat upside down is correct until the crowns have a uniform shape and it doesn’t possess any bows, ribbons, and any other embellishment that can get affected when you force it together.

The ideas to store your wide-brim hat

There is no need to get stressed when you think about storing your wide-brim hat. You can check the useful hat storage processes that are effective and simple. If you want to implement some helpful guidelines, you can take a look at some of the hacks mentioned below.

  • Use the hat boxes

It could be a Panama or a floppy hat that you need to pack away! Here the hat boxes are the best tool for storage. These boxes will ensure that the hat stays secured from dirt, dust, and debris. That is not all. The boxes will also ensure that the hat stays in its best condition.

Usually, you will get a hatbox along with your hat. But in case you didn’t get it, a storage box will suffice. You can mix and match different boxes in multiple sizes and prints and add to the visual appeal. One of the best ideas is to use vintage suitcases that are perfect for storing wide-brim hats. You simply need to ensure that the box is cleaned well and that it doesn’t give out any pungent smell.

  • The hats can be a wall décor piece

It’s always possible to make use of apartment therapy! It’s mostly because it’s one of the best ways to store a hat and have a home décor. In fact, this technique adds beauty to your wall art. When you display your hat, it doesn’t just provide a way to store hats and creates a unique backdrop that adds to your room décor.

Hence, if you want, you can hang your wide-brimmed hat using nails or push pins so that your headwear can get transformed into an artwork. And when you keep on adding to your hat collection, it is possible to keep adding a few pieces here and there. However, you simply need to ensure that your wall doesn’t get exposed to direct sunlight, which can cause harm to the hat. This storing technique enables you to get creative and search for places inside your home or apartment that you haven’t used, for instance, the space above a window, bed, or the hallways.

We all want our hats to stay in the best shape and condition. And for that, it’s essential to follow a few rules. You can opt-in for the guidelines above when you have to keep your wide-brim hats in shape.

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