What are online proctoring services?

Online proctoring services have been around for several years. When the internet and webcam technology first came out, companies started to offer online proctoring as a service. Proctors at remote locations are able to monitor your computer screen, listen to your interviewee’s responses, and watch both of you on camera while you take your test using this service.

There are separate service providers for each type of testing. Some proctoring sites cater to the ESL and TOEFL markets, while other sites specialize in general testing such as the GMAT, LSAT or GRE. Some professional testing site (PT) websites access their proctors through Skype while others use desktop sharing programs such as GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts.

What is the use of online proctoring services?

Online proctoring services are not just for testing, it is for many things such as online meetings, interviews, conferences, etc. It can be used when a grandparent can keep an eye on their grandchild while they are watching TV. It can also monitor students while they do their homework during the week. The possibilities are endless and it makes monitoring your kids or employees more convenient than ever before.

Companies have been using online proctoring services to create a secure environment when testing candidates for several years now. With dedicated software and webcam, it allows you to test anyone in any country. It has also been used for things such as online meetings, interviews, and conferences with remote clients or employers.

What is the proctoring process?

The proctoring process is just the same as if you were testing in person at the testing centre. The test taker sits directly in front of their computer while the proctor monitors both their computer screen and webcam. Another way to think about it is like a teleconference call between you and your student or employee, with someone monitoring your experience on both ends to ensure that everything goes smoothly. This can be used to collect important records such as their test answer sheet and confirmations from course instructors.

The service provider maintains control of the student or employee’s exam. They are able to receive instant reports electronically. While your student is taking the test, your proctoring service provider can be issuing progress reports to keep you informed of the progress of your student in real time. Your proctoring service provider monitors all of this for you for free, ensuring that there are no surprises during your online testing experience. Proctors at remote locations can also use their own webcam equipment to assist with testing processes, especially when it comes to online meetings with remote locations.

There are many online proctoring service providers available to companies, schools, or individuals. The following are just some of the more popular ones.

There are a number of companies that provide similar services as an online proctoring service provider such as GoToMeeting and Skype. However, these companies only focus on providing audio/video conferencing services for meetings so although they do provide some video monitoring during meetings, it is not the same thing as actually monitoring a student taking a test for you. 

“The following are examples of test takers that have taken their exams through an online proctoring service. Test takers who have taken exams through an online proctoring service include:”

What is a Web proctored exam?

Web proctored exam is a term used to describe an exam where the student takes an exam on their own computer but not in person. The proctor is the one who administers and proctors such exams and typically monitors the progress of students, however sometimes there is no proctor present. Online, self-paced web-based exams are often used for professional development or certification purposes. They are typically administered through virtual learning environments, such as Blackboard or Moodle.

Web proctored exams are becoming increasingly common in a variety of fields, such as business, education, and healthcare. Some schools require them for graduation. For example, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) offers a web proctored exam at no cost. Students with a credit card can take an ACTA web proctored exam without ever leaving their homes. Thousands of students have taken ACTA’s web proctored exam platform without ever stepping foot on campus.

Uses of web proctoring exams:

Web based proctored exams have historically been used to test the knowledge gained in classroom lectures and textbooks but with modern technologies they are now increasingly used to test skills learned through self-study and independent learning.

Web proctored exams can be administered by a web-based system and the exam will utilise web technologies such as HTML. The student may have access to a computer, a PDF reader, and possibly an internet connection.

How is a web proctored exam taken?

There are many different ways in which one could take the exam through web proctored exams. A student and their teacher or instructor could decide to use LMS or other software to administer exams through the student’s own Internet browser. The exams could be administered through the Internet, but this is not a common practice and does not provide a way for the test to be verified. The most common ways in which web proctored exams are taken are through HTML5 or Flash.

Web proctored exam platforms can vary in their security features. Many use 128-bit SSL encryption to protect student information, collect data and provide statistics on how well students have done on each exam they have taken. Many have strict policies to limit the amount of information a student can obtain about their exam. However, there are very few web proctored exams that deny students access to the platform, or claim the exam is confidential.

Web proctored exams are available in many different languages and some even provide translations for students who have limited English proficiency. Many offer international students an opportunity to take exams in one of their native dialects.

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