What Are the Best Gaming Apps?

Our smartphones are so powerful these days that we essentially carry around a computer in our pockets. A computer that allows us to do everything from banking and working on the move to streaming our favorite shows and never missing a sporting moment. However, the best thing that our little devices let us do is to keep gaming wherever we go. So, while we can continue playing the long, complicated games we settle down to play at home, the best mobile games do not require too much attention. This means we can pick them up and play them wherever we are, even if we are short of time.

Here are some of the gaming apps we think make the most of our smartphones and give you something to do when hopping on and off public transport or filling in a bit of downtime when you are out and about.

Pokémon Go

This must be the ultimate gaming app for mobile, and nowhere else can you experience the game in the same way you can on your phone. The game requires your GPS for you to be able to navigate in the game and your camera for the capture of the Pokémon. You can conduct raid battles against other trainers, overtake Gyms and collect Poké Stops. Similar titles include Jurassic World Alive and The Walking Dead: Our World. However, Pokémon Go was the first in this genre that broke through and is arguably still the best


Angrybirds is just gloriously simple and silly. The visual design and cartoonish characters make it so appealing. The gameplay is simple, and the whole thing is intuitive. There is nothing complicated about this game where you slingshot birds about to bring down the Piggy towers. Pick up and play while waiting anywhere and while away a few idle moments.

Fruit Ninja

Halfbrick studios have created some of the most fun and popular mobile apps for Android and Apple phones. Fruit Ninja is a classic arcade game. The latest version of the game is simply called Fruit Ninja 2. Ready your blade for some fruit-slicing ninja action and become a champion by slicing your way through the leagues. You can also challenge your friends using the VS Friend mode in the game to find the greatest ninja amongst your friends and family.

Halfbrick has some other great titles, like Jetpack Joyride and Dan the Man. All these games have simple, quick mechanics and are excellent time fillers.

Betway Casino Slots and Games

The Betway mobile gaming app allows you to take the fun of the online casino wherever you go. So, this could be the app for you if you like your fruit on the slots rather than sliced. Discover a vast range of real money games from top online slots to poker, roulette, blackjack, and more. So, if you like your gaming to have a chance of winning some cash, then this app has lots to offer. Make sure you are in a state where online casino gambling is legal.

Words With Friends

From the Zynga Studios, Words with Friends allows you to challenge your friends to a Scrabble-like game that will keep your brain in training. No making up of words here. The technique for a high score is to make words in as many directions as possible simultaneously rather than the longest words. The game also matches you with unknown players of similar abilities, and you can have several games on the go at once.

Duo Lingo

Duo Lingo is not strictly a game, but this ed-tech app has gamified language learning. It is a fun way to learn a new language in as little as five minutes a day and covers grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. There are forty different languages to learn. The approach to learning is so unlike classroom-based language lessons that you will just think you are playing a game.

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