What are the job prospects after business management in Canada?

The scope of business management is rapidly rising in today’s world to the growth of business and technological industries. Organizations need efficient employees to manage and organize the various functions to achieve success and development in the competitive field.

Business management refers to the administration of an organization and involves overseeing the activities of several departments. Being one of the integral job roles in a business enterprise, the demand for skilled workers in this area is rising parallelly increasing the rush to study programs like business management with co-op.

So, what are the job prospects awaiting you after graduating with a business management diploma?

Administrative officer

As an administrative officer, you are responsible for supervising and handling the day-to-day functions of various departments in an organization. You must keep track of the budget and expenses, manage the supplies and stock, maintain databases that stores important files, keep regular contact with the clients, prepare accounts, and update the employees on any changes to the office policies or other important matters.

According to Glassdoor, an administrative officer earns around $58,522 annually.

Business development associate

The primary responsibility of a business development associate is to create strategies that boost the growth and development of the organization. You must research the latest trends in the market and come up with ideas that can improve business sales. To maintain the existing growth and welcome new improvements, you must constantly keep in touch with clients including potential ones.

PayScale reports the average annual salary of a business development associate as $51,060.

Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for planning and creating ideas for a project that meets the client’s expectations. For this, you must bring together a team of project coordinators and other employees suitable for the role and assign them duties. Setting the deadline, rectifying errors, monitoring the progress, managing the budget, and ensuring client satisfaction are all the responsibilities of a project manager.

The average salary of a project manager is around $85,916 every year, according to Glassdoor.

Management consultant

As a management consultant, you must study the working and operations of the organization and then make suggestions on certain changes that may benefit the company in the long run. You must use your skills to provide objective solutions that can maximize the growth and performance of the organization. This may be in any related area such as finance, human resource, e-commerce, marketing, IT, supply chain, etc.

This is one of the highest-paying jobs according to Glassdoor statistics and a management consultant earns a lucrative annual salary of $97,754.

Besides these options, there are many other job prospects for skilled candidates with a business management diploma. Some other job roles in this industry are sales associate, budget analyst, operations officer, records administrator, etc. As the business field keeps growing, new job roles will be added with each passing year.

If you wish to be a part of this lucrative and ever-growing sector with immense growth opportunities, enroll in a business management program today.

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