What Everyone Ought To Know About SharePoint Project Management Bundle?

It is challenging to manage multiple projects that deal with various members, data, and resources. The business has struggled for ages to provide a seamless flow in project management with the help of multiple tools available online.

With the introduction of the SharePoint Project Management Bundle, you get an effective solution to handle everything under a single roof. We will be discussing various factors to consider for your project management.

What are the reasons that you face project failures?

The purpose of effective project management deals with the right amount of knowledge, tools, techniques, and skills to handle all the requirements. This also helps in providing a positive environment in the organization.

Some consequences that lead to project failure are:

  • No specific tools to process the managing projects
  • Lack of visibility of project resources
  • Work and data management
  • Ineffective tracking of tasks
  • No proper motivation and engagement within the team
  • Neglecting any important detail in the project

You need a standard approach to managing projects and enhancing productivity to handle such issues. SharePoint provides a collaborative project management tool to manage various tasks and take teams, locations, and departments to work together.

Why use SharePoint Project Management Bundle?

Initially, SharePoint was launched to provide content and document management capabilities. Once it began to grow, the platform introduced bundled tools to manage projects effortlessly. Moreover, it helps deal with collaboration tasks, shared lists, discussion board, document management, etc.

There is a common procedure to handle the development of the SharePoint Project Site:

  • Decide the architecture of the website to provide a user-friendly environment
  • Decide the lists and web elements you require on the website
  • Add and configure the web elements to offer a better experience

It might be a long and time-consuming process, but to make it easier, you should be aware of the basics of the SharePoint Project Management Bundle.

You know that SharePoint can be used for different perspectives hassle-free. The SharePoint document library helps ensure that users can upload documents and provide them from anywhere and at any time. The SharePoint Lists consist of rows, columns, and headings to handle elements of projects like:

  • Tasks: Users can add tasks and sub-tasks in the project timeline. These can be assigned to individual members and track their actions.
  • Issues: SharePoint has a feature to support issue tracking for the users. This help to manage the problems easily and provide instant solution.
  • Document Libraries: It is used to create a repository for project documents. Users can download, upload, delete, and rename the documents that depend on your team member’s permissions.

What are the unique features of the SharePoint Project Management bundle?

1.      Project Planning

The first thing you will encounter in SharePoint is its interface, similar to a spreadsheet. If you have already dealt with Microsoft projects or Excel, this might be an easy process. Users get to access each project from the navigation pane. Also, move the tasks to different statuses and edit them with ease.

2.      Ease of Coordination

Unlike most productivity tools, SharePoint allows you to collaborate with the team at a single location. This means every project member gets permission to access the information relevant to the project. With the help of the SharePoint version feature, you will access the same information again.

3.      Automate the status of the project

If you have integrated the support of SQL Server Reporting Services in SharePoint, you get access to automate the project status reports. This will help the project team access the progress of each member and their contribution to the project.

4.      Highly Flexible

No project works in the same manner, and you need to perform a unique approach to manage its success. To get something expandable and long-term, you need to deal with the SharePoint project Management tools bundle.

5.      Customization

Sometimes, businesses need to organize their data in a certain format to provide a better experience. With SharePoint, you can use the metadata in the document library to make it simple to handle documents and other relevant data.

6.      Integration

When you need to run a project successfully, you need an effective tool that supports multiple features and functionalities. SharePoint provides the freedom to integrate the Microsoft suite of applications like Outlook, Excel, Word, MS Project, etc. This adds more value to the SharePoint project management process and ensures better productivity.

7.      Accessibility and Sharing

With the help of SharePoint, you get to access and share content from any part of the globe and at any specific interval. Stay on the latest SharePoint versions to unlock the best sectors to make managing projects highly efficient.

8.      Search Functionality

There is a search capability in SharePoint that is continuously evolving. This will help to find documents that are related to the project. The platform provides a robust search mechanism that can be configured for your search and roll up the data anytime.

How to begin your journey of project management with SharePoint?

Standardize the approach

You need to know if you will work with email, spreadsheets, and handle document versions. With the SharePoint Project Management tool, you can define the standards and rules of the project.

Start and Evolve

SharePoint is non-restrictive and does not limit you to starting any project management process. This flexibility allows managing the project site with any approach as per the requirements.

The Finale!

The beauty of SharePoint project management tools is that it helps to handle difficult tasks with ease and provide you with a positive environment. Users can manage a wide collection of projects in a single place with great features and functionality support.


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