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What is CBAP Certification?



Certified Business Analyst or CBAP is a certificate program that helps you work on business analysis professionally. If you have years of practical business experience, this course is perfect. This course will help you gain thorough knowledge about your skills in analyzing business matters.

In a CBAP course, you will be able to gain the skills to work on more complex projects alongside stakeholders. This will help you learn about business requirements and other important skills.

A certificate in this course will ensure that you possess commitment, leadership skills, and a list of other expertise. It will also help you showcase your professional capability, helping increase your earning potential and a path towards leadership.

If you achieve the CBAP designation, you will be awarded by IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis). You are prone to develop skilled experience in analyzing a business model and become an expert in knowing what your firm needs.

By signing up for this course, you will get to come up with the best possible solutions to business-related problems. This will help enhance the working of the business firm by providing maximum benefits.

Benefits of obtaining a CBAP Certification

There are various benefits of obtaining a CBAP certification. The most prevalent benefits are mentioned below:

  • After completing the course, you will get a CBAP certification which is globally recognized. This certificate will be issued from your own International Institute of Business Analysis.
  • Your job roles in any organization you work in will be better and much more profitable.
  • You will get to be a member of an honorable group of professionals. This will help you develop many important social relations which will help in the future.
  • Obtaining a certification will help you get the knowledge and skills required to become a professional in analyzing the business firm.
  • There will be an increase in your compensation if you get certified as a business analysis professional. The compensation is likely to increase 13% more than an average individual’s.
  • You can be there for employers and other peers because of your dedication to professionally performing the task of a business analyst.
  • You will develop keen expertise in understanding the principles and practices to analyze a business.
  • Signing up for a dignified course as a Certified Business Analyst Professional will help you build a great base in the technology industry.

Eligibility Criteria Of A CBAP

There are certain eligibility criteria that one needs to fulfill to apply for the CBAP exam. They are as follows:

  • To be eligible for the course, one should possess a minimum of 7400 hours of work experience in business analysis in the last ten years.
  • A minimum of 900 hours is required in four of the six business analysis knowledge areas.
  • Your working experience must be aligned with BABOK Guide.
  • You must possess two references from a colleague, client, CBAP recipient, or a career manager.
  • Also, you must do 21 hours of professional development units in the last four years.

You can start your journey as a designation holder by possessing all the above requirements. Opting for this certified course will get your hands on the best training required to handle your business and solve problems efficiently. Start by learning about analyzing a business. Then move forward to develop the experience required to build a career path in the same life.

How much does it cost to opt for the CBAP Certification Examination?

The cost of obtaining a certificate as a Business Analyst Professional and the examination fees differ. They include:

The application fees for the CBAP examination vary as follows:

  • If you are a member, it will cost you USD 145.
  • If you are not a member, you will pay the same amount- USD 145.

The examination fees vary as follows:

  • If you are a member, you will be liable to pay a ransom of $350.
  • On the contrary, if you are not a member, it will cost you $505.

5 steps to follow to become a certified Business Analyst in three months

  • In the first week, ensure you are eligible for the certification examination.
  • Within two to 5 weeks, you must take the training on the same, which the International Institute approves of Business Analysis.
  • Within a span of 2 to 11 weeks, you must engage in studying and practicing questions on the same.
  • By the 6th week, you must get your application approved.
  • Take the CBAP test by the 12th week and see the results yourself.

CBAP exam application process

1.   Make sure that you are meeting the eligibility criteria set

Tick off all the requirements mentioned above to be eligible for the exam.

2.   Apply to the IIBA

If you are eligible to give the exam, you must proceed by applying for the same on the IIBA website. You can submit your application and pay the application fee there directly. Once you do this, the certification team will examine your application and confirm your eligibility for the exam.

They will notify you directly if they need to confront you regarding any questions. If there is wrong information provided from your end, they will ask you to either correct it or resubmit your application later. So, to avoid this, you must thoroughly review your application before submitting it.

3.   Sit for the exam

After your application gets approved, you get 12 months to schedule your examination. You can choose from the approved test cities near you or give the test online.

The bottom line

A CBAP certification is quite prestigious to earn as it is recognized globally. Opting for this after numerous years of working experience will make you an absolute professional. It is an expert-level credential; the certification will display your knowledge about business analysis. This credential will boost your profile if you are targeting a management role or wish to be a consultant.

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