What is Legendary NFT?

The House of Legends tournament starts with an imaginative, active gathering experience that has never been seen before in the NFT realm. Legendary. The first coined Legendary Crypto Prophet or magical item of a character or item type in each Generation will be automatically applied to a Founders Edition NFT. Founder Edition NFTs are Legendary by origin, however they have a higher multiplication for the daily draw to win.

Legendary Dragon NFT

Only three days after the Metaverse opened, legendary CryptoDragon owners began earning actual money. As previously stated, the CryptoDragons platform generated income-generating Legends of NFTs that would pay its owners for just owning these assets: Legendary Dragon is the earning NFT, and it should receive 50% of all hatching charges charged by the site on a regular basis.

Cryptocurrency Rewards Legendaries.

The Metaverse debuted on December 25th, and earning technologies have already begun to function following the minting and hatching. The platform is delivering on its promises: owners began earning real money – around 4 ETH for each Legendary Dragon owner – just three days after the Metaverse’s launch. This means that around 20k operations were completed, resulting in approximately 80 ETH. As previously stated, the income distribution in the Interbreeding contract on the cryptocurrency rewards Legendaries.

Create a Money-Making Dragon.

The breeding mechanism and algorithms for NFT dragons are designed so that anyone can obtain a Legendary dragon as a result of a process. The chances are slim, yet the possibility arises: consider a recent case in which two Common Dragons bred and produced an Epic Dragon with 24 genes. Because everything is on the blockchain, you can see and verify this.The most critical aspect is that blockchain transactions are operating correctly and that no data is lost.

Future Enhancements and Plans for the CryptoDragons Virtual world

Here, we must recognise the entire crew. The project had a full-fledged Roadmap from the start, and it is delivering on its promises. As a result, CrypoDragons intends to make multiple technological updates as well as launch a number of new features in the near future.

What to Expect in the CryptoDragons Virtual world

Reopening of the Stadium

The Arena component of the platform has been temporarily closed due to minor website issues. Members of CryptoDragons, on the other hand, can come and witness how the battling will function by watching the video supplied. As stated by the CryptoDragons team, reopening the Arena and restoring it to optimal operational conditions is one of the highest objectives.

Changes and Enhancements to the UI/UX

The team intends to make UI/UX changes and is open to suggestions and opinions from the community, particularly on their Discord channel, which has around 100k members. In comparison to other projects, this one has a sizable fan base.

New Eggshells-related Features

Eggshell will have a specific usefulness for gaming, and now is the time to find out more about it. Those who have Eggshells can combine them to create a Special Ingredient. This Distinct Ingredient can cause mutations in Firstborn Dragons, resulting in a special, different type of Dragon with very restricted collection and very unique traits.

The platform will not publish any Dragon Eggs and Eggs are limited (it’s a limited collection of 10k Eggs). As a result, this is a “rapid depletion” collection, and as the Metaverse evolves, there are less Dragon Eggs available on a regular basis. This causes the value of undamaged Eggs to rise over time.

Closed portions of the website are only accessible to Firstborn members.

Soon, we will launch new portions of the website that will only be accessible to Firstborn Dragon owners. One of these parts is the “lab,” where you can blend possessed Eggshells to obtain Special Ingredients with distinct patterns and traits that will transform Firstborn into an entirely new Dragon. Because each firstborn Dragon master can only mutate their NFTs once, the Special Component should be chosen with caution. As a result, the altered Firstborns will form a separate, extremely uncommon and unusual collection.

It is fairly common, as technological problems are unavoidable in every newly launched enterprise, especially one with such complicated architecture. The CryptoDragons team is constantly tracking and fixing these issues.


Final Thoughts:

NFT rarity determines how valuable an NFT is and thus how scarce it is. Rare NFTs are widely sought after by enthusiasts, driving increasing their prices. This is why individuals want to know whether an NFT in their library is or if the one they intend to purchase is a rare piece.


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