What is the essence of the SYPWAI artificial intelligence training project?

These days, technology is developing so fast that it is extremely difficult for people who are not versed in innovation to understand innovations. Even influential businessmen with their businesses cannot keep up with them, which is why the idea of the SYPWAI project was born.


TheNeurosphere enterprise first announced the startup in 2019. It was created to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) to commerce and business. The developers hoped to use the project in different areas of manufacturing, but this requires a thorough study of the topic and dealing with the optimization of the novelty.

The promising and progressive young company quickly attracted the attention of investors, but AsapaFoundation went ahead and invested $90 million in its development. Within a year SYPWAI has not only become successful but also one of the top development brands.

What SYPWAI does?

The concept has remained unchanged since its creation – it is the introduction and simple explanation of how artificial intelligence works. It can be applied in a variety of activities regardless of scale. Using a new way will significantly increase the productivity of companies – just familiarise yourself with the way to improve performance through various types of learning (e.g. neural networks).

The best part is that the software has multiple uses. You don’t have to hire additional specialists to optimize your workflow – you just have to learn the specifics and capabilities of artificial intelligence. It collects and processes information independently, based on which it determines the complexity and solution of the problem. Where previously only humans could do that and you had to study the problem around the clock and figure out a solution, now machine intelligence will do it faster without expending additional energy. As a result, the company will progress significantly, thereby leaving its competitors behind.

Can SYPWAI be used as a learning program?

Don’t think that the company’s work is just about helping businesses – it also teaches the intricacies of artificial intelligence. It’s important to understand that a human being must always oversee the work. Only this will bring success to the business and minimize any risks. Machine learning allows Artificial Intelligence to recognize algorithm signals and make predictions on its own.

SYPWAI allows participation in Artificial Intelligence changes. So how is learning done? With the help of logic tasks, the neural network searches for solutions. It sounds simple enough, and it is: absolutely anyone interested can get involved without any training or special knowledge. Once you have learned the specifics of AI, you can make a good living.

At this stage in the development of the program, there are many workers from various cities and countries who are actively involved in the improvement of artificial intelligence. People of all ages and all walks of life carry out logical tasks. They can be childish and even funny, or complex and difficult to solve. But there are also tasks for special professions. Any interested person can get a job because of the large number of tasks available.

You can either get completely involved and make it your main form of income or treat it as a hobby and additional income. The amount of money depends only on your time and effort.

Who is suitable for start-up work?

As you may have already noticed, anyone who wants to get involved in AI development can work regardless of their city of residence, social status, or place of earning. The main condition that may upset some people is age. You must be at least 18 years old. To complete the tasks you will need:

  • a computer or laptop and a smartphone, regardless of a model;
  • mobile network or Wi-Fi;
  • a special invention for accessing the site (it is made in the form of a small computer).

What an Artificial Intelligence learning device looks like?

The Raspberry Pi is a small computer with special programs. It is the size of a credit card and has the full functionality of a powerful PC, allowing it to perform many tasks on the platform. The device will surprise you with its speed and versatility: in addition to work, you can even listen to music or google anything you want.

The most interesting part for workers is the pay

If you are under the impression that earning money is easy, this information will shock you. The fact is that SYPWAI pays very generously for your help. By completing the tasks you can easily earn $ 600 per month, and this is not the limit. The more time you devote to the tasks, the more your salary.

The method of payment you can choose: it can be received simply on the bank card, e-wallet, and even in cryptocurrency. It all depends on your convenience and preferences, the main thing is that there are no complications.

How to become part of the SYPWAI team?

To get started you don’t need anything fancy, just a few simple steps:

  • order a Raspberry Pi;
  • complete a simple registration on the website (make up a login and password);
  • confirm your mobile number with an SMS code;
  • attach your email account.

Registration takes the same amount of time as, for example, on any social network. There are no complicated algorithms or clever actions: it’s as simple as the job itself. In addition to these actions, you will need to enter the details for payment and study the instructions for use of the service.

But earning money by solving logic problems is not the only thing you should expect from SYPWAI. All registered users can take part in an affiliate program, increasing their income many times over.

The main thing is not to be afraid to start something new. You can change the world with your actions!

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