What is the Word For Black in Different Languages?

When you want to describe someone or something as “black,” what word do you use in your native language? Well, the word you use might not be the same word used by someone else in their native language. In fact, there are over 100 different words that describe “black” in a variety of languages! So, if you’re curious about what the word for “black” is in a particular language, head on over to our article and find out!

What is the Word for Black in Different Languages?

Different languages have different words for “black.” For example, in French, the word for “black” is “noir,” while in Spanish, the word is “negro.” In Dutch, the word is “zwart,” while in German, it is “schwarz.”

How Black Words are Represented in Other Languages

Black words are often represented in other languages in a different way than white words. For example, the word “black” may be pronounced as “kẹl” in French, “tákasi” in Spanish, or “nègre” in Portuguese. Additionally, there are sometimes additional words that are specifically used to refer to black people.

For example, the word “negro” is used in Spanish and Portuguese to refer to both black and brown people, while the word “afro-descendent” is used to describe someone who has some black ancestry. In some cases, a word may be created specifically for use with black people. For example, the Yoruba language has a term called “igbodu,” which is used to refer to black people.


The word for black in different languages can be confusing, but we have put together a guide to help you out. In this article, we will discuss the meaning of black in different languages and give you examples so that you can better understand what each one means. Hopefully, by reading this article, you will not only be able to distinguish between black and colors in other languages, but also be able to use these words correctly when speaking with others.

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