What To Do If Your Car Is Hit By A Truck?

A roadside accident can be very traumatic. If you were traveling on a highway and suddenly a truck hits you from behind or from the side, then your life might change forever. Only with a reliable and efficient car accident attorney, you can make sure that you are given your legal rights.

Truck companies have insured vehicles and drivers. However, when these drivers get involved in an accident, their insurance companies will try their best to prove you responsible for the accident or show that you are exaggerating your loss. However, here are some helpful tips to help you get your rights.

1.      Get Medical Attention

Immediately after the accident, you should call and wait for the emergency response unit to arrive. Get yourself and other passengers sitting in your car completely checked by the paramedics. These initial Medical reports are very important if you want to pursue the case.

Make sure that you get yourself checked properly for any physical injuries. Once you are done with the initial formalities, get yourself completely checked by a hospital and keep the medical reports and bills safe.

2.      Talk To The Eyewitnesses

You should talk to all the eyewitnesses that you can find around the site of the accident. The third party might know the actual cause of the accident and they might help you with your case. Talking with the eyewitnesses can help you gather all the facts of the accident.

Make sure that you note down the name and contact information of the eyewitnesses. Find out if someone has a video or pictures of the accident. You can also look for CCTV footage of nearby security cameras to help you analyze the situation better.

3.      Report To The Police

You should not leave the site of the accident nor let the truck driver leave before the police arrive. You should note down the truck number plate, the time of the accident, and find out the name of the driver if possible, and the company for which he is driving that truck.

Make sure that you talk to the police and report your side of the story. You should be present when the truck driver is reporting his side of the story. The initial police report is very important evidence for your case. You can present the evidence before the court to help you get compensation from the driver’s insurance company.

4.      Hire A Lawyer

When you are done with the initial phase after the accident, you should immediately hire a car accident attorney to help you with the case. An accident lawyer knows the law and he will fight for your case.

When you are involved in a roadside accident and you face serious injuries, then you should not suffer alone. With the right Lawyer, you can fight the trucking company or their insurance company to provide you companestain for your loss in terms of lost wages, medical bills, and repair bills for your car.


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