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When and how much should you tip in Las Vegas



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The last thing you want to worry about when traveling to Las Vegas for high-stakes gambling is making a casino tourist faux pas.

The best of us often struggle with tipping etiquette. How much is sufficient? What if the service was bad?

Every city, or even every venue, sometimes seems to have its own rules, and each tipper has a different idea of how much to leave.

But nobody wants to have a bad reputation for tipping or, worse, for being stingy. 

And if you’ll be visiting the same casinos, bars, or restaurants while you’re there, having a great customer-server experience can make the trip.

Therefore, read our guide to why, when, and how much to tip in Las Vegas if you’re a novice, newbie, or just unsure of how things are done in Sin City.

How and Why to Tip

You’ll learn that tipping is typically left up to the individual preference of customers when you travel throughout the world, particularly in Europe.

In contrast, the US plays by a different set of rules. Although leaving a tip is not always required by law, it is customary.

It is taken seriously as a cultural norm rather than just a token of appreciation or recognition. If a casino offers you the chance to tip, you should take it. But do not expect to tip from bonusuri fără depunere.

The primary cause of this is the minimum wage.

According to reports, employees in the service sector in the US can expect to make around $7.25 per hour without tips, or $2.13 if they receive at least $30 in tips each month.

So it should be clear that if your hourly wage is only $2, you will rely heavily on tips to supplement the rest of your income.

It takes a lot of effort to work a table, from greeting potentially hundreds of customers a day to ordering, serving, remembering specials and regulars, and responding to inquiries and complaints. So please don’t forget to tip.

Even though it may ruin your vacation mood to think about it, tipping is a requirement, especially in Vegas where it is declining.

How Much Should Guests Tip in Las Vegas?

The customary tipping percentage in Las Vegas and the US as a whole is between 15-20%.

When paying the bill at the casino’s restaurant or bar, as long as you stick to those numbers, you’ll be fine.

Of course, if you received excellent service, there is nothing to stop you from leaving additional feedback.

You might even start to be referred to as a “George,” which is slang for a big tipper. It’s much preferable to being referred to as the opposite, a “stiff.”

Should You Leave Various Amounts As Gratuities For Various Services?

As previously mentioned, visiting a casino will introduce you to a variety of employees who depend on tips to supplement their pay.

In casino restaurants and bars, the 15-20% rule will therefore work well for you, but what about the other employees?

The general principle is:

1. Casino hosts

Before giving your host a tip, review the casino’s rules and regulations.

Your goodwill could get you into trouble if it appears to be a bribe, because some locations have strict rules about cash gifts.

Gift cards, bets, and comps are all common, but if you have the go-ahead, it’s usually best to do this at the end of your stay.

2. Dealers

As you play, or when you leave, give the dealer a tip.

The standard is between two and five percent of your overall winnings, but you are free to adjust it based on your performance and enjoyment.

For poker dealers, a minimum of one dollar in chips is expected, but the size of the pot can be used as a guide.

3. Room Service

Tip between 10% and 20%. There may be a little more leeway because the bills are typically more expensive, there is less “service,” and the hotels frequently tack on extra fees.

4. Buffet Service

Consider the price of the buffet and the level of service you’ve received when making your decision.

10% of the meal, or roughly $2–5 per person, is the average tip, which is typically a little less than at a restaurant.

5. Spa Staff

For each spa service you receive, some casino and hotel spas will automatically add a 20 percent fee.

If not, use your tried-and-true 15-20% rule, depending on how well your treatment went.

6. Drinks Runner/Drinks Service

Every time someone brings you a beverage on the casino floor or at the slot machines, the cost is typically $1.

If you’re feeling wealthy or counting on consistent and attentive service, you might want to spend a little more money or adhere to the 15 to 20 percent rule.

7. Housekeepers

Typically, a nightly rate of $1 to $3.

Use your judgment, however, and take into account things like the size of the room or suite, the number of guests, any special requests, and how organized you are.

Just be sure to include a note with the money so it isn’t forgotten.

8. Bellhops

Choose $2 to $3 per bag and increase it if you need quick service or there will be a lot of heavy lifting.

9. Limo Drivers

$20 is suggested as a tip if you’re traveling in style.

You might want to spend a little more if your driver is friendly, knowledgeable about the area, and willing to go the extra mile.

10. Other Drivers and Valets.

For rough estimation: 20% of the fare for Uber and taxi drivers.

$2 to the airport or $5 for a hotel shuttle driver who also handles your luggage.

The typical price range for a valet is also $2 to $5.

Don’t tip anyone who has taken you the long way around, just be careful!

What happens if a service fee is already listed on the bill?

It can be difficult to determine whether you should add a tip on top of the fees due to the mandatory service charges on drink bills, rising prices, and additional fees.

Adding a service charge to the bill is customary in restaurants, especially if you’re dining with a large group or it’s a busy time of year.

But fear not; if the bill indicates that a gratuity has been included, you are not required to add anything further on top unless you so choose.

The same reasoning also holds true if you think the rate is too high and want to pay less.

If You Get Poor Service, Should You Tip?

What should you do if the service has been unacceptably sluggish, rude, or just plain awful?

Simple solution: Speak with the manager of the eatery or bar.

It would be a shame to keep quiet if you thought the service was insufficiently good to merit a tip.

If you try to leave without explaining why there was no tip, you’ll get some awkward questions.

If in doubt, a 10 percent tip reduction for bars and restaurants will also help to convey the message.

Can Chips Be Used As Tips?

Even when they are in your possession, chips are casino property. They were essentially never yours to give away.

So, always make sure to carry cash, and read our guide to Las Vegas ATMs first to avoid any unpleasant fees.

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