When Eden Hazard kicked a ball boy

Maybe the name Charlie Morgan doesn’t really sound too familiar for football followers. However, this is definitely a name that Chelsea fans might prefer to forget. Fans can make a profitable bet on 1xbet.com/en/ on the Blues right now.

Morgan was the ball boy who became infamous for retaining a ball in a match between Chelsea and Swansea city back in 2013. At that moment, Chelsea was losing the match 2-0, and their time was running out. The ball went out of the field, and Morgan, as the ball boy, rather than giving it back to Chelsea to quickly resume the game, decided to keep it.

This action made Chelsea waste a few valuable seconds. However, Eden Hazard, who was a Chelsea player back then, had none of it. He decided to kick the boy in his ribs to quickly take the ball from him. Yet, Chris Foy, the referee on the match, decided to punish the Belgian by giving him a straight red card. It is possible to make profitable bets on the 1xBet platform on all kinds of red cards that take place during a football match.

Aftermath of the incident

The match, which took place on the 9th of January 2013 was eventually won by Swansea 2-0 with goals from Michu and Danny Graham. This contest took place within one of the semi-finals of the 2012-13 League Cup. Competitions like this can be wagered on at the http://1xbet.com/en/line/Football/ website.

The result qualified Swansea into a historical final match. However, as it can be seen, the reason why many people remember this contest, rather than the result, was this bizarre situation. The Welsh team would go on to win the competition, making it one of the major trophies ever obtained by this team. Of course, Swansea is also available to wager on at the 1xBet website.

Who was Charlie Morgan?

Later, in an interview, Morgan confessed that he was planning the action before the match even started. This drew considerable criticism from the football community. It is also important to understand who Morgan is in the first place. He is the son of Martin Morgan, who is a famous British businessman who also happened to be the director of Swansea. The 1xbet.com/en/live website offers the opportunity to wager on all matches of this team.

Charlie Morgan was also a ball boy in other Swansea matches. Some rivals were:

  • Manchester United;
  • Arsenal;
  • Liverpool;
  • and Everton.

Morgan decided not to press charges against Hazard after the incident. Also, the footballer received a four-match ban after this situation. To wager on red cards and suspensions, 1xBet is definitely the best place to go.

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