Which WrestleMania World Championship victory tops them all?


Who is the most iconic World Cup win in WrestleMania history? The answer is in your hands.

Starting today WWE networkfrom Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and WWE YouTube Community, you can vote to determine which epic WrestleMania world title win will be brighter than the rest.

Starting today, March 24, there will be one first round match per day open for voting on WWE’s YouTube channel, with the WWE network opening the first leg of the tournament bracket. Your votes across all of these platforms will be combined to determine each winner, leading to the crowning of the greatest World Cup victory in WrestleMania history on Friday April 9th!

Check out WWE Network social media and the WWE YouTube community now to vote on the first round of this epic tournament, and check back regularly for updates on which iconic WrestleMania match has come forward!


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