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Why is sex taboo in our partnership?



Sex is sometimes a taboo subject in couples and society, we consider it obscene without contemplating its naturalness. But talking about sex without taboos will improve your sex life. When you hire escort services in Malta you have no problem and no shame in asking your date for your wishes. At home you shouldn’t be either.

Talking about sex without taboos, in any environment (family, among friends and above all with your partner) is fundamental for a healthy sexual relationship and to enjoy every intimate encounter to the maximum. Generally, the difficulty in talking about sexuality tends to occur among people who come from families or environments where sex is still taboo or something considered unimportant. Independent call girls in Mumbai could give you some advice. But there is a solution and here are some interesting considerations:

Sexual telepathy does not exist

The transmission of thoughts between people, even if they are attracted to each other or are a couple, is impossible. That is why it is essential to set a time to talk about sex, but dressed. That is to say, not in foreplay or during intercourse, but in a relaxed but non-sexual atmosphere.

List of sexual needs and desires

An important premise before talking about sex with your partner is to clarify what you want, what you need, your expectations… They have to be concrete and you should include aspects about what you need before sex, how you want your partner to stimulate you, your ideal frequency… Specify also what you are willing to do to improve your sexual relationship.

Be honest and clear

The typical phrase “once is better than a hundred yellow ones” is perfectly applicable to the sexual field. When faced with certain proposals or behaviours from your partner, whether steady or sporadic, you must be very honest with yourself and not accept them out of compromise or for fear of looking bad. In sex, as in many other areas of life, you have to learn to say no. And if you are not very clear about this, you should be very honest with yourself. And if you are not very clear about it, postpone the practice for another day with the argument that you will think about it.

Sexual and emotional covenants and boundaries

In most couples, very general rules about sexual fidelity and emotional fidelity are taken for granted, which in the long run are open to too many individual interpretations. Don’t be afraid to discuss them and make them explicit.

Sexuality evolves

It is not static but a vital process and therefore it is common for changes to arise at an individual or couple level that will require new consensus, which can only come about through communication. Therefore, be encouraged to discuss these situations with your partner, the changes you feel in your body and turn them into an opportunity to improve.

In addition, we have 4 strategies to stop fighting:

If you think that the adrenaline rush helps you to keep your partner’s desire alive, you can opt for other, more appropriate and less risky strategies:

  1. Play an intense or adventurous sport with your partner: from running to parachute jumping, depending on your level of daring.
  2. Simulate a pillow fight or playful wrestling as sexual foreplay.
  3. Give yourself and your partner some space and freedom, even a few days – arrange outings with friends, other family members, alone… – to miss each other and make the reunions memorable.
  4. Play “flirt with others” in a controlled environment to generate mixed feelings and increase the attraction between you.
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