Why is this beautiful building of Pakistan called a sinister palace?

Web Desk February 26, 2021

Karachi: Chiniot’s Taj Mahal, built by a businessman for his son, has been turned into an orphanage, a library and some people call it a sinister palace.

The Taj Mahal, located in the famous city of Chiniot, Pakistan, is an example of its kind. The building was unique in its architectural style and beauty.


Built on 14 marlas, this beautiful five-storey building is made of 70% wood and the carvings on it amaze the viewers even today.


Sheikh Umar Hayat, a successful Calcutta businessman, reportedly built it for his son in 1935 after emigrating to Pakistan. Her name was Gulzar Hayat. That is why this building is also called Gulzar Manzil.


Sheikh Omar Hayat’s wife and Gulzar’s mother Fatima Bibi married her son with great pomp but the next morning the son passed away. It was a mysterious event.


The mother buried her son in the courtyard of the palace and passed away. The graves of these two mothers and sons have also been made in the same palace. In this regard, some people call it a sinister palace.

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