WWE 205 Live results: Dec. 10, 2021


Lash Legend def. Amari Miller

As the outspoken host of “Lashing Out,” Lash Legend talked about it for months, and on Friday night she went out for a walk.

Debuting in the ring against Amari Miller, who had entered the fray after winning three of her last four matches, Legend announced her presence by slinging a fur coat over one of the ring operators, and immediately demonstrated her strength by overturning her opponent. the square of the circle.

Thriller in the Ring put the WWE Universe on its feet, rallying with a crushing blow and groundbreaking takedown, but Legend broke free of Miller’s hold and used a unique punch to put his opponent 1-2 to face forward. -3.

Andre Chase def. Guru Raaj

Hellbent, while “teaching” his fellow superstars on 205 Live and NXT 2.0, André Chase retreated to the purple brand surrounded by one particularly energetic student who was waving the Chase University flag while the self-proclaimed professor gave his talk.

Guru Raaj, who played in his first match since July, didn’t seem to care much about Chase’s teachings as he claimed an early lead by outplaying his enemy and simply shrugged when Chase tried to knock out one of his middle players. match the “learning moments”.

After a uniform bout, Chase recovered from the ideal Raaj bulldog and was victorious when he kicked his opponent in the jaw and threw him face down on the canvas with a groundbreaking maneuver.

Solo Sikoa def. Malik Blade

Can anyone on 205 Live or NXT 2.0 stop Solo Sikoa?

A serious rookie fought Malik Blade, aiming to raise his record to 5-0, and he landed the first hard hit by dodging his opponent and hitting him with a clothesline.

Blade, having survived a tough losing streak, returned to the fight by hitting his own clothesline and jumping off the top rope to land a handsome dropkick.

However, hitting in two, Shikoa stabbed his enemy in the air with a punch in the stomach before tattooing him with a back elbow to the jaw to remain undefeated.


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