WWE 205 Live results: Dec. 17, 2021


Sarray def. Lash legend

Debuting in WWE with an astounding win over Amari Miller a week ago at 205 Live, Lash Legend stepped into the ring with the arrogance of a superstar who clearly thought the 2-0 improvement was a foregone conclusion.

Surrey had other ideas.

Although the Sun Warrior competed in her first match in over a month, she nevertheless weathered the Legend’s flurry (and chatter) and stunned her opponent in the final seconds of the match. Legend pulled on Surrey with a handful of pantyhose, but Surrey flipped and grabbed Legend’s pantyhose for 1-2-3!

After the match, the Legends kicked Sarah in the jaw and placed her on the canvas with what Nigel McGuinness called a “legendary finishing maneuver,” and walked over to the microphone to tell Sarah to “remember the night I beat you. “

Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon def. Erica Yang and Fallon Henley

The WWE Universe may have gotten a glimpse into the future when the rookie quartet clashed in a fierce team-fight.

Fallon Henley, who made her WWE debut, stepped into the square with the poise and swagger of a seasoned veteran, and was impressed to outsmart Feroz and get her onto the carpet early in the game – at least until Feroz rallied with the top. … the dragging of the rope and the hurricane that got the WWE universe back on its feet.

Henley and Erica Yang isolated Feroz from Yulisa Leon for a few minutes, but when Feroz finally tagged her partner, Leon attacked Yan with a relentless attack.

Seconds later, the Latin American Compound secured the victory when Leon launched Feroz, who landed on Jan with a crossbody, earning three points. After the fight, all four athletes shook hands.

Legado del Fantasma def. Malik Blade and Ru Feng

Competing at 205 Live, Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza looked at home for the first time since January.

The battle-tested contestants faced a couple of promising newcomers Malik Blade and Ru Feng, who apparently took their opponents by surprise, especially when Feng began to throw Mendoza around the ring with relative ease and again when Blade got the tag and blew Wilde off with using a quick, consistent heel kick and drop kick.

However, Wilde and Mendoza withstood the attack and secured victory, destroying Blade with their unique tandem maneuver.


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