WWE 205 Live results: Dec. 24, 2021


Ivy Neil def. Fallon Henley via submission

It didn’t take long for Ivy Neal to establish herself as one of the scariest contestants on NXT 2.0 and 205 Live, and Diamond Mine Pit Bull could well silence any doubters left with a dominant performance against Fallon Henley.

Henley may have caught her opponent off guard early in the fight, delivering a couple of violent blows to the jaw and killing Neal with a bulldog.

However, Neal quickly regained control, landed on the back and threw Henley into a corner. As Henley staggered, Neal quickly led her opponent to the mat and grabbed the sleeping dragon to summon an immediate touch.

Andre Chase def. Damon Kemp

Intending to take another young challenger to school, Andre Chase seemed to be enjoying the chance to hang out with Damon Kemp, who made his WWE debut eagerly.

With the WWE Universe firmly in its corner, Kemp impressed with his masterful checkmate and takedown until a frustrated Chase ran his enemy’s fingers along the rope, sent him to the canvas, and rained him down on his right hands.

Kemp showed tremendous power, breaking out of the hold with a submission and sending Chase flying with a belly-to-belly suplex, but Chase nevertheless coped with his last instructive moment, stabbing his head and punching Kemp with his face point-blank. canvas for 1-2-3.

Solo Sikoa def. Ru Feng

If you were in the mood for an old school party, 205 Live Main Event was for you.

The undefeated Solo Shikoa and Ru Feng unleashed everything in their arsenals by stabbing each other brutally and using clotheslines.

Feng knocked Shikoa to the chest and even trapped him with a submission, but Shikoa was forced to take a break when he briefly pressed his opponent’s shoulders against the oncoming lane.

The Champion of the Island was followed by a trio of standing guardians, elbows in the face, before taking off from the top rope with a big splash to seal the victory.


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