WWE 205 Live results: Oct. 1, 2021


Dante Chen, def. Malik Blade

Similarly, Dante Chen is 1-0 in both 205 Live and NXT 2.0.

By defeating Trey Baxter in his first WWE match at NXT 2.0, Chen proved it was no coincidence by defeating athletic rookie Malik Blade in his inaugural fight for the purple brand.

Blade stunned Chen by flying to the skies with a pinpoint blow to the head, but Chen basically retained control and decided to throw the guillotine to win.

Amari Miller def. Valentina Feroz

Seemingly obsessed with the urge not to fall 0-2 against her newfound rival, Amari Miller flew out of the starting blocks against Valentina Feroz, delivering the first hard hit as she twisted out of her hand and knocked her opponent to the canvas with a snap and punch. along the spine.

Feroz turned the tide by throwing Miller in a square circle with a series of judo throws.

However, Thriller in the Ring went out of order when she pulled out a small bag and hit Feroz twice on her knee to earn 1-2-3. After the call, Miller helped Feroz to his feet and they hugged.

Rubber match, anyone?

Fabian Eichner and Marcel Bartel won. Ikemen Jiro and Trey Baxter

While Ikemen Jiro and Trey Baxter took over 205 Live Universe with their powerful attacks, Fabian Eichner and Marcel Bartel have emphatically reminded everyone why they are former NXT Tag Team champions and are some of the most respected duos of any brand in the WWE.

Resilient as ever, Eichner and Bartel methodically isolated Baxter from his corner at first and beat their enemies with stereo clotheslines as soon as it seemed like Baxter and Giro might start rolling.

After taking a terrible punishment, Baxter finally made the Jiro leap that hit the ring like a fireball and destroyed both of his opponents in a squall that culminated in Asai’s lunar assault on Eichner.

However, Imperium resorted to tricks when Bartel pushed Baxter off the top rope into the hands of Eichner, who threw off his smaller opponent with a suplex. Moments later, the Imperium Bomb for Baxter decided the outcome.


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