WWE 205 Live results: Oct. 15, 2021


Boa def. Jeet Rama

As he continues to follow the directives of the sinister Mei Yin, Boa seems to grow more violent by the minute … which is exactly what he did during his fight with Jeet Rama.

Rama, who first competed in 205 Live and made his jaw droop when he pushed AJ Styles to the limit in losing the WWE Superstar Spectacle, didn’t seem to be intimidated by Boa. He even beat the veteran NXT 2.0 and 205 Live early in the game, leaving him stumped with three powerful suplexes.

Boa, however, recovered in time to kick the opponent in the knee and boot over the head.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen def. Keegan Scott and Taylor Garland

If Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen want to send a message to the other tag teams in NXT 2.0, mission accomplished.

Interacting with a couple of local rivals, Brooks and Jensen effortlessly brutally beat their superior foes from pillar to pillar, an attack that was accentuated by Jensen’s wicked powerslam and Briggs’ ferocious clothesline.

An entertaining new duo topped off the beatdown with a unique combination of throttle and power bomb.

NXT Heavyweight Champion Roderick Strong, def. Odysseus Jones

Malcolm Bevens wants his valuable student to be ready for anything.

Case in point: he insisted that NXT heavyweight champion Roderick Strong beat Jones’ massive Odyssey at a non-title donnybrook.

Even with his fellow Diamond Mine at the ringside, Strong had to face an enormous tough battle as his attempt at a shoulder block resulted in Jones sending him lurching in the air and landing on the carpet.

Even though Strong gave up considerable size, strength and weight, Strong attacked Jones knee carefully to gain the advantage, and after withstanding another attack and a big splash from his opponent, the NXT heavyweight champion connected with a jumping knee to cash in. pin.


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