WWE 205 Live results: Oct. 29, 2021


Boa def. Jeet Rama

Since his inception, Tian Sha Boa has never missed a single opportunity to showcase his frightening new streak of meanness.

Boa prepared the ground from the first seconds by punching Jeet Rama in the stomach after Rama pinned his enemy to the ropes and allowed the rope to break.

Rama hit Boa by hitting three suplexes in quick succession, but Boa took advantage of the clutch counterattack, throwing Rama on his back for 1-2-3.

Sarray def. Katrina Cortez

For those hoping to see two of the most promising newcomers to NXT 2.0 and 205 Live, Surrey and Katrina Cortez definitely didn’t disappoint.

Cortez, who played her first match when she was 13, fell into the dire position of Surrey when she folded her in painful submission and dropped her neck onto the bottom rope.

The Sun Warrior fought the pain to dodge Cortez flying in the air and struck her down with a punch. And when Cortez fell and sagged on the bottom rope, Surrey was victorious, landing on a furious dropkick.

Xyon Quinn def. Ru Feng

Score seven wins in a row for Xion Quinn.

The serious striker has stepped out of the starting blocks since the inception of NXT 2.0, and he hasn’t been shy about showing his brutality on 205 Live.

With the exception of one or two short squalls from rookie Ru Feng, Quinn dominated the fight, throwing his opponent effortlessly across the ring, leveling him with a Samoan drop, and landing with a menacingly running forearm to cement the victory.


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