WWE delivers most-viewed and highest-grossing SummerSlam of all time


STAMFORD, Connecticut, August 24, 2021 After a record breaking weekend, WWE hosted the most popular and lucrative SummerSlam in the company’s history.

Highlights include:

  • More people watched Saturday’s event live on Peacock and the WWE Network than any other SummerSlam in the company’s history. The seven-figure global audience increased 55% over 2020 and 29% over 2019.

  • The sale to 51,326 broke SummerSlam records for indoor attendance and admission receipts. With tickets purchased by fans from all 50 US states, Saturday’s live tour was more than four times that of the last. SummerSlam is being held with fans in 2019.

  • Merchandise sales are up 155% from 2019.

  • SummerSlam set a new sponsorship record, growing 25% over 2019 and 18% over 2020.

  • With over four million views, Brock Lesnar’s comeback was the most watched WWE Instagram video of all time, surpassing John Cena’s comeback to WWE Money in the Bank. Total SummerSlam The videos have garnered over a billion views across all WWE social platforms in a week.


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