WWE NXT results: Nov. 2, 2021


Io Shirai confronts Mandy Rose's venomous actions: WWE NXT, November 2, 2021

As Mandy Rose revels in the beginning of her reign over the NXT women’s title, The Genius of the Sky is calling for a showdown. Follow WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Total chaos ensued after Io Shirai confronted Mandy Rose.

Io Shirai’s contempt for toxic attraction is deeply ingrained. After Gigi Dolin and Jaycee Jane took her and Zoe Stark to the NXT women’s team titles, the couple took that to the next level by jumping behind the scenes of Stark and leaving her to count.

Furious, Shirai burst into the ring, interrupting Mandy Rose’s championship celebration to demand a match with the leader of Toxic Attraction.

Before the match began, Rose smashed Shirai with her microphone. The brawl between the two superstars escalated until Dolin and Jane stepped in to help defeat Shirai. Helpless against a 3v1 attack, Shirai finally got support from Casey Katanzaro and Kaidan Carter.

Cora Jade vs. Dakota Kai: WWE NXT, November 2, 2021

Returning last week, Dakota Kai hopes to unleash her new ferocity on up-and-coming Kore Jade. Follow WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Dakota Kai Def. Cora Jade

Dakota Kai dramatically announced her return to Halloween Havoc, and in her first fight in the ring at NXT 2.0, she unleashed new ferocity on upstart young Cora Jade.

After a furious super punch knocked Jade out by the pin, Kai pulled the youngest NXT superstar out of the ring and placed her under the table. Looking down at Jade at the ring’s apron, Kai seemed to change his mind and instead left Jade sprawled on the floor as she climbed the ramp again.

Xion Quinn Shows Robert Stone Who Is Better: WWE NXT, November 2, 2021

Whether in the ring, at the microphone or on the dance floor, Xion Quinn strives to prove that he is better than Robert Stone in every way. Follow WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Xyon Quinn def. Robert Stone

Xion Quinn proved to Robert Stone who is the best at mic and ring, surpassing Stone in song, dance and competition. Quinn’s version of Sean Michaels’s “Sexy Boy” was still ringing in his ears, and a frustrated Stone slapped Quinn in the face and tried to escape.

Quinn caught Stone before he could get through the ropes, tossing him over the ring several times before knocking him down with a crushing jackhammer.

Legado del Phantasm def. Von Wagner and Kyle O’Reilly

In a controversy that began on Twitter, Von Wagner and Kyle O’Reilly set out to prove to Legado del Fantasma that even though they were newbies, they were still the most popular tagging team on the block.

Both sides showed their skill and strength, but the new partners’ inexperience eventually returned to haunt the duo. When it took them time to prepare for the tandem move, they experienced a lapse in concentration, which allowed Legado del Fantazma to take advantage as Joaquin Wilde pushed Wagner to victory.

Bron Breaker vs. Andre Chase: WWE NXT, November 2, 2021

Andre Chase is tired of hate on social media and is ready to fight the first person he sees, which turns out to be Bron Breaker. Follow WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Bron Breaker def. Andre Chase

Andre Chase entered the ring wanting to teach a lesson in perseverance and courage to his students at Chase University, and his message was put to the test when Bron Breaker answered his open challenge.

After losing the NXT title match last week, Breaker expressed his frustration with Chase by dragging him around the ring before using Powerslam’s gorilla for 1-2-3.

After that, Breaker went to the microphone to say that he was still following NXT champion Tommaso Champa.

Solo Sikoa def. Jeet Rama

Solo Sikoa announced his presence at Halloween Havoc, but in his debut match against Jeet Rama, he really made NXT 2.0 know what he was capable of.

Shikoa quickly dealt with Rama, stabbing him violently with his knee and colliding in the corner before climbing the top rope and flattening Rama.

Boa def. Grayson Waller

Without Mei Yin, Boa still treated Grayson Waller at the start of the match.

As Waller began to gain traction, LA Knight stepped away from the commentary table to exchange a few words with him. Boa seized on a distraction, knocked Waller off the rope, and kicked him hard to hammer in the head of a pin.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams def. Johnny Gargano and Dexter Loomis

Despite a pre-match squabble with NXT champion Tommaso Champa, Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams tried to confirm their claims that the North American Championship is now the NXT “A” title when they fought Johnny Gargano and Dexter Loomis.

The rivals demonstrated classic team play as father and son-in-law worked together to bring it to Hayes & Williams. Eventually it got to the point where Johnny Wrestling and the North American champion exchanged punches and kicks in the center of the ring.

After aligning Hayes with the clothesline, Gargano noted Loomis, who fell silent. When Hayes died out, Williams took advantage of the distracted referee and kicked Loomis with his boot. Hayes then kicked the top rope and covered Loomis to win.


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