WWE NXT UK results: April 15, 2021


Amir Jordan Fights Kenny Williams, Gallus Joins Supernova Sessions and More: NXT UK Highlights, April 15, 2021.

Amir Jordan battles former teammate Kenny Williams, Gallus returns for the incendiary Supernova Sessions with Noam Dar, Emilia Mackenzie battles Isla Down and others. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Nathan Fraser, def. Saxon Huxley

Nathan Fraser started his match against Saxon Huxley rather hard as his larger opponent flung him effortlessly in a square circle and shook the ring with his Irish whip into the lanyards.

WWE NXT UK Results: April 15, 2021

Despite Huxley repeatedly hitting his head into the canvas, Fraser finally delivered his first big punch, jumping over the ropes like a torpedo to knock Huxley down in the ring.

Moments later, Frazer earned the victory by making the perfect frog splash.

Gull had a falling out with the Primate, T-Bone, and Dennis at Supernova Sessions.

Gallus sat down on Noam Dar’s comfy couch at the start of Supernovae, much to the host’s chagrin, and explained that they took some time to “practice and refocus.”

WWE NXT UK Results: April 15, 2021

After claiming that “Gallus has a higher standard than any team in this division,” Eddie Dennis joined the show and threw accusations at the trio.

Suddenly, the Primate and Tyson Tee-Bone attacked Gall, causing a violent three-on-three fight. Each trio landed a significant number of mowers before the officials finally broke up the hand-to-hand combat.

Isla Dawn def. Emilia Mackenzie

After Emilia Mackenzie got her kicks of team action last week, the sinister Isla Dawn has entered the singles battle this week, eager to pay off.

WWE NXT UK Results: April 15, 2021

Don seemed to be in perverse delight at beating her opponent, flashing an uneasy smile after stabbing Mackenzie with a furious knee.

Mackenzie fought back with a spear and rear suplex, which gave two counts and a flurry of punches before being stabbed in the jaw by Dawn. A few seconds later, Dawn closed Mackenzie, replacing it with 1-2-3.

Jack Stars def. Ashton Smith

Jack Stars, who recently received tough love and revitalizing conversations from Piper Niven, seemingly took his friend’s teachings to heart, using an impressive power play against the larger Ashton Smith.

WWE NXT UK Results: April 15, 2021

Stars staggered after sinking his knee into the middle and a searing clothesline, but after some mid-match support from Niven, he rallied with a shoulder grab, body drop back, and a clever twist to earn his first one-on-one win in NXT UK!

Kenny Williams, def. Amir Jordan

Since Kenny Williams was already in the ring, Amir Jordan was not in the mood for a pre-match performance.

Instead, he rushed to the square of the circle and immediately began ringing the bell. When he decided it was taking too long, he simply attacked his former friend, sending him onto a rug with a terrible clothesline and raining rain on his right hands.

WWE NXT UK Results: April 15, 2021

Williams feigned a knee injury after hitting the ringside steps, but Jordan didn’t buy the ruse and knocked his opponent off his feet again with another clothesline.

Williams fought back and displayed a new vicious streak of meanness, sweeping Jordan’s face with his boots and using a holding hold to twist him back around his neck.

Jordan nearly secured the win after dodging Williams’ attempt at a low blow and tattooing a super kick, but Williams was knocked out of the game at the last second. Moments later, Williams sent Jordan zipping in an open hitch and put his face on the mat for a controversial victory.


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