WWE NXT UK results: March 18, 2021


Seven Challenges Devlin and Rampage Brown Confront WALTER: NXT UK: Review, 18 March 2021

Jordan Devlin is betting the NXT Heavyweight Championship against Jordan Devlin, United Kingdom NXT Champion WALTER comes face to face with Rampage Brown, plus Meiko Satomura returns and more. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Nathan Fraser, def. Ashton Smith

Nathan Fraser is making a head start in his quest to reinvent himself.

WWE NXT UK Results: March 18, 2021

The superstar formerly known as Ben Carter wowed the British NXT universe by sending Ashton Smith to the canvas in a perfect scissor throw.

The larger Smith stunned his opponent with a rocking clothesline, but Fraser crossed the ring with a coast-to-coast springboard and was trapped after knocking Smith with a frog splash.

Meiko Satomura def. Dani Luna

While Meiko Satomura would undoubtedly want to win another match for the NXT UK Women’s Champion after losing to Kei Li Rae in an instant classic two weeks ago, the seasoned ring veteran was wise enough to avoid making the mistake of underestimating Dani Lun.

WWE NXT UK Results: March 18, 2021

After Luna hit her hard on the thigh, she shook off the pain and landed on the suplex and the clothesline, but Meiko took control of the pinpoint heel kick.

Moments later, Satomura joined the head kick and Rise of the Scorpion for victory, and the members shook hands and bows after the bell.

Rampage Brown challenges NXT UK WALTER champion

As usual, the NXT UK WALTER champion hit the square, ran through the list of defeated enemies, and demanded that NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint “look around the world and find the next contender for me.”

WWE NXT UK Results: March 18, 2021

Before the title holder could finish his next sentence, Rampage Brown, who recently defeated Joe Coffey in a bout, was on his way to the ring to face The Ring General.

Brown informed WALTER that Mr. Saint did not need to search the world to find Walter’s next rival; he only needs to look at his backyard. With that, Brown pushed Walter to the canvas and announced that his title would end when they met for the championship.

NXT Heavyweight Champion Jordan Devlin won. Trent Seven

As revealed in yesterday’s WWE episode The Bump, Trent Seven did indeed achieve his goal of losing weight and hitting a 205 pound plateau in his NXT heavyweight title match against Jordan Devlin.

Despite taunting the Seven weeks ago when Seven announced his intention to lose weight to fight for the title, the Irish Ace got all he could from the former NXT Tag Team champion, who quickly pulled the fight out of the square and landed. some brutal punches before knocking the titleholder with a snapdragon suplex to the ring floor.

WWE NXT UK Results: March 18, 2021

Devlin had Seven in dire straits when he caught him in a cloverleaf, but after a grueling training regimen to gain 205 pounds, Seven didn’t fall without a fight, and with a battle cry, Seven grabbed him. bottom rope.

Out of nowhere, the challenger tattooed the champion with the Lariat of Seven Stars, but Devlin dug deep to land a two-punch.

Devlin miraculously got on the rope after being turned inside out on the suplex from the top rope and absorbed the burning hammer, and he stuck his thumb into Seven’s eye. However, Seven was eliminated from Devlin’s next side, but The Irish Ace received 450 Splash to keep his title.


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