WWE NXT UK results: May 20, 2021


Ay-Kid vs. Tyler Bate fight for the Legacy Cup & More: NXT UK Highlights, May 20, 2021

A-Kid and Tyler Beit push each other to the limit in an instant classic game, Ilya Dragunov joins Noam Dar in Supernova Sessions, Rampage Brown faces Wolfgang and more. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Rampage Brown def. Wolfgang

Rampage Brown just can’t stay away from the Gull boys.

After barely outliving Joe Coffey in a wild brawl three months ago, Brown crossed paths with Wolfgang behind the scenes. A few minutes later, the two hooligans agreed to a duel, and the result was a rally not for the faint of heart.

WWE NXT UK Results: May 20, 2021

When the fight moved into the ring, Wolfgang struck the first strong blow, taking Brown on his shoulders and driving him sideways into the ring stance.

Brown, who was on the verge of winning the NXT UK Championship from WALTER last month, fought through his severely aching ribs to hit Wolfgang with the lariat and finally remove him with Doctor Bomb’s rattling ring.

Amale def. Xia Brookside

Would Xia Brookside have won the Contender’s Gauntlet Match last week if she had been allowed to compete? We’ll never know for sure, all thanks to Amala, who brutally attacked Brookside behind the scenes ahead of the high-stakes fight last week.

Amale, who had hoped to take Brookside’s place in the competition, was instead “rewarded” with a payback-prone Brookside match that immediately got the upper hand with a series of kicks and monkey flips.

Amal, however, drove the perfect neck out of Brookside and soon won the victory, stabbing her opponent over the ridge.

Noam Dar tried to piss off Ilya Dragunov in Supernova Sessions.

Noam Dar seemed to feign concern for Ilya Dragunov and his recent mental state during the last “supernova sessions”, especially when he played quiet music and derisively asked Dragunov what worried him.

WWE NXT UK Results: May 20, 2021

The Scottish Supernova wondered where Dragunov’s inner demons came from, and when he finally had a little chat with his guest, Dragunov admitted that he felt immense pain after his defeat to WALTER in the UK NXT Championship match.

Gift gave him a soft toy “Lenny therapist”, and Dragunov reminded the presenter that he can do much harm to him any time he wants. Dar called Dragunov a “fake,” and the talk show ended with a tense look.

Tyler Beit def. A-Kid wins NXT UK Heritage Cup 1-0

Having defeated each other once in previous championship matches under Heritage Cup rules, Tyler Beit and A-Kid faced off in a rubber match of all rubber matches for the prestigious trophy.

During the first two rounds, two athletes played a search engine that were equal but did not score points.

During the 3rd round, in which the pace accelerated significantly, A-Kid tattooed Bate with his right hand so that he almost fell, but Bate responded with his right forearm, causing A-Kid to plummet into the ring.

WWE NXT UK Results: May 20, 2021

Ay-Kid almost broke through with the first decision in the 4th round, withstanding the spin of Bate’s plane, as a result of which the Big Fight was in the hold of the sleeper, and then the guillotine. Beith, however, dug deep, forcing his opponent to break free as soon as time was up.

A-Kid miraculously flew out of Tyler Driver ’97 in the 5th round, and Beit somehow resisted the urge to knock on his tormenting hand before the clock saved him. During the rest, Beit promised Trent Seven not to give up this business under any circumstances.

Although Ay-Kid hit his foe with a super jaw kick, Bate somehow had enough funds to flip I-Kid’s pinning combo into one of his own to take over the NXT UK Heritage Cup!

After the fight, Ay-Kid presented his friend with the trophy he had just won.


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