WWE NXT UK results: May 27, 2021


Trent Seven Faces Sam Gradwell and Beyond: NXT UK Highlights, May 27, 2021

NXT UK’s Don joins the fight with Thunderstorm, Nathan Fraser plays Sha Samuels, Kenny Williams returns to the fight, and more. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

Nathan Fraser, def. Sha Samuels

Just two weeks after Sha Samuels cost Nathan Fraser his Heritage Cup match against Noam Dar, Fraser entered BT Sport Studio with thoughts of retribution.

From time to time, Samuels overpowered his enemy with brute force and came close to victory when he beat Fraser with a clothesline, but Fraser kicked him out at the very last moment.

WWE NXT UK Results: May 27, 2021

Noam Dar attempted to return the favor to his partner by pulling Frazier off his apron when the officer briefly turned his back, but Fraser dropped the Scottish Supernova with a clothesline and Dar was eventually expelled from the ring.

Fraser left Samuels stunned by jumping off the middle rope and landing him on the canvas before taking off with the perfect frog splash for victory.

Theoman vs. Ashton Smith

The seemingly crafty Theoman bumped into Ashton Smith at the gym a week ago, grinning and openly contemplating the whereabouts of Smith’s partner, Oliver Carter, and wondering if Carter really is his family.

WWE NXT UK Results: May 27, 2021

Teoman, who snapped Rohan Raji’s hand during their match last month, continued his dominant position with another submission win, forcing Smith to submit to the same agonizing crossface.

Seemingly dissatisfied with simply defeating his enemy, Theoman spoke to the fallen Smith and trapped him again. Luckily for Smith, Carter quickly appeared on stage to kick Teoman out of the ring. When Theoman left, he was convinced to tell Carter that Smith was “not related.”

Kenny Williams, def. Andy Wilde

Kenny Williams is still at his best after expelling Amir Jordan from NXT UK by beating him in Loser Leaves NXT UK and hoping he will continue his offensive against Andy Wilde.

Arrogant as ever, Williams was caught off guard by Wilde, who effortlessly threw his opponent over the square circle and delivered some hard punches.

Nonetheless, Williams regrouped and stabbed Wilde’s kneecap violently and slammed his face into the canvas for a pin strike.

Trent Seven def. Sam Gradwell

Sam Gradwell has a serious problem with Trent Seven, who is best known as one of the “Founding Fathers of NXT UK” as he firmly believes that he is much more deserving of such recognition.

WWE NXT UK Results: May 27, 2021

And after a few backstage verbal and physical squabbles in recent weeks, Seven and Gradwell finally walked into the square circle to settle the score.

Gradwell’s brutality came to fruition after Seven appeared to have sustained a leg injury, so an outspoken competitor aimed mercilessly at the Artful Dodger’s knee.

With both athletes on wobbly legs at the end of the match, Seven and Gradwell exchanged painful punches to the chest before the former NXT UK Tag Team champion took over the trade and tossed Storm with the Burning Hammer for a hard-earned victory.


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