WWE NXT UK results: Nov. 11, 2021


Mark Andrews def. Nathan Fraser

Mark Andrews won the much-needed victory for Subculture, beating the equally athletic Nathan Fraser in a match in which the WWE Universe waited with bated breath for the next stunning aerial assault.

Andrews took off first, jumping off the moon from steel steps, and Fraser plummeted to the ring floor, though Fraser quickly fought back with a breathtaking Spanish fly on a long count of two.

The member of the subculture tried to cement the victory by flying into the skies with Fall to Pieces, but Fraser dodged the attempt and went into mixing. Unfortunately for Frazier, the cunning Andrews changed his pinning combination to earn 1-2-3, and the opponents split the post-match fist.

Dani Luna, def. Stevie Turner

Dani Luna, aiming to do it for the 2 of 2 subculture and get Stevie Turner to eat her words, achieved both of her goals in her clash with the Four Dimensional Athlete.

Turner achieved an early lead with Lou Tes’s abs and right punch, and she demonstrated her intelligence by grabbing the top rope to block Luna’s suplex attempt before kneeing her.

Luna survived the bombardment, made a series of supplexes, and nearly pushed Turner through the canvas with a modified power bomb to win her fourth match in a row.

Mustache Mountain def. Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter, Dave Mastiff & Jack Stars and Symbiosis in Fatal Four-Way Challenger Team Match

Tyler Bate may have recently lost his NXT UK Heritage Cup to Noam Dar in a controversial manner, but he is firmly back in the fight for the championship after teaming up with Trent Seven to score a stunning victory over Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter, Dave Mastiff and Jack Stars and Symbiosis. …

Mustache Mountain appeared to be in dire straits as T-Bone launched Seven from the top lanyard into the fighting Superstars at the ring, and Symbiosis seemed to be in firm control as Primate jumped off the other lanyards to decompose his opponents.

Beith, however, stole the entire spectacle when he caught the Primate in a plane spin while rocking Stars by the legs.

At the end of a frenzied flurry of impressive moves by all eight contestants that ended the match, Beit dodged a Primate headbutt and knocked him off the clothesline, placing a three on Seven to land his Lariat of Seven Stars in two counts.

Moments later, Seven tagged Bate, and the tandem landed the Burning Hammer on the Primate for a championship fight against NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly.

Tag teams clash in Fatal 4-Way # 1 Contenders: NXT UK: Highlights: November 11, 2021

Mustache Mountain, Dave Mastiff and Jack Stars, Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter and Symbiosis battle for the opportunity at Pretty Deadly’s NXT UK Tag Team Titles, Nathan Fraser battles Mark Andrews, and Stevie Turner battles Dani Luna. Follow WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.


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