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The resume is a candidate’s professional proforma to project the experience, work, choices, education, strengths, and weaknesses of any candidate. A resume gives a projection of the candidate owning it, and employers might use it to determine the candidate’s eligibility. To make a resume you can search for an online resume maker or if you are unaware of the steps you can go for any free online resume builder.

 Why Are Traditional Resumes Outdated?

With the advent of fast-paced competition and modernization, there is an emerging economy and hence people can’t afford to put extra time into anything. Traditionally resumes are well-written manuscripts with loads of words piled upon each other to describe professional scenarios of a candidate’s life. In today’s time, employers spend less than 50 seconds to read any resume which is a blink and miss and hence resume pages that are piled up, fail to explain the calibre of the candidate. So what’s the solution?

 Video Resume

What is a Video Resume? It is the pictorial representation of the crux of the candidate’s resume. Pictures and huge fonts help quick and better understanding. So, smartly make Video Resumes and project a good understanding of your career to employers. You can include pictures, text, photographs, or even record yourself in the Video Resume. All this has to be crafted carefully to include important points at the same time making it short and convenient.

Being unaware of how to make a Video Resume? Worry not, there are plenty of free online resume builder workshops to your rescue. Till then, this article will guide you on your path.

 How To Create A Video Resume


1.      There are a lot of online resume maker guides to give exact steps of how to make an informative resume video. Just with one click, you can go through the list and can watch videos as well if it’s difficult to understand.

2.      One needs to have good editing and videomaking skills for this, if not; you can hire experts for this. You need to include every important aspect required for you to impress someone.

3.      While recording yourself, you have to be in formal attire and speak a formal language.

4.      The video should be attentiongrabbing, for any employer or viewer to stick to the details till last, after all, it’s about creating an everlasting impact.

5.      It can be recorded simply and then added some elements to the video like animation, pictures, voiceovers, stickers, and presentation with the help of video editing apps.

6.      One doesn’t need to be a pro to make a Video Resume. Just learn some basics to add your type of information.

7.      Make a short video, not more than 50 sec to 60 sec.

8.      Add subtitles for a better understanding.

9.      Add more pictures and fewer words so that it is easily understandable

 Careful Considerations

1. Always be formal in the video

2. Keep it short

3. Do not use too many pictures in the name of creativity, consequently, making people think that it has less to do with work than entertainment. The creativity element is just to make it easy to understand

4. Always wear formal clothing

5. It is not always compulsory to record yourself. Sometimes the voice is enough

6. Avoid unnecessary information. Only the relevant one should be included

7. Be calculative of what adds up in the video

8. Review the video multiple times.

 Why Video Resumes Over Traditional Resumes?

As mentioned above, it is essential in today’s world to make a mark. People are sprinting to come into notice and so it is important to keep thinking of ways to stand out, whether it is in the corporate or the business world.

Traditional resumes are also beneficial in today’s time as when it comes to technical jobs there is no-can-do. There has to be a systematic, elaborate illustration of things, skills, education, etc. Also, the employers for technical jobs have to go through the resumes all over till the end, to see if they have desired capabilities and skills and so here the traditional resumes somewhat play a good role.

However, what Video Resumes do is give a broad idea about every aspect that is to be included in the resume to come into the notice of the employer, for the technical aspect as well Video Resumes can go a long way. The video might require to be a little longer but the harsh technical words can be carved into simple representation to send the message across.

 How Do Resume Making Workshops Help?

These workshops are held by industry experts with a lump of experience. Learning from them gives an insight into how things work. Not only can they teach the theoretical part, but the practical application of these skills goes hand in hand. A good resume is the projection of your professional life in brief, so it is an important investment of time, energy, and money to get what Is desired and required. There are many free as well as paid online workshops for your service, the need is just to identify the right one for you.





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